Boyes, Fred

Born Beverley, 12/11/1879. Son of Thomas Boyes (1851-1925) and Mary Coupland (1851-1935), of Beaver House, Grovehill, Beverley; He had a brother, George and sister, Annie.

Worked as a Joiner. He married on 22nd June 1902, at  St Matthews Church, Denmark Hill, Lambeth. Husband of Emma Jane Boyes (1877-1974), of 24 Denton Street Beverley (1911 Census) and 2, Martin St., Holme Church Lane, Beverley. They had two children, Francis and Mabel.

He enlisted at Beverley, on 28/12/1914. A skilled Joiner. He served as Sapper, 61552, Royal Engineers, 71st Field Coy. Trained at Chatham, Kent. Served abroad between 14/06/1915 to 30/09/1918. Discharged from the army on 20/12/1918. He had served in the army, for 3 years and 293 days.

Died of Malaria, on 19/02/1921, aged 41. Buried at St Nicholas Churchyard, Beverley.

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Beverley, East Yorkshire, UK
2, Martin St., Holme Church Lane, Beverley