Richardson, Edmund (Ted)

Only son of the late Richard Richardson & Susanannah Richardson. He enlisted two years and two months ago. He had just turned 21 before being lost at sea. In civilian life he had been a mate on the sloop ‘Violet’ and was well known on the Humber. News of his death and his photograph were printed in the Hull Daily Mail on 3rd November 1917.
Waltham, was a navay trawler, built by Mackie & Thomson, Glasgow in 1897 and operated at the time of her loss by Royal Navy, was a British navy trawler of 162 tons. On October 10th, 1917, Waltham was sunk by a German submarine. She was reported missing off Isle of Man. Waltham may have been lost on mines laid six days earlier by UC-75. 12 persons were lost.
1. CAMPBELL, DUNCAN (24), Seaman (no. 6890A), FV Waltham, Son of Duncan and Jessie Weir Campbell, of 16, Edinbane, Portree, Skye. Native of Tarbert, Loch Fyne,
2. FEWSTER, CHARLES FREDERICK (31), Trimmer (no. 4246TS), Son of Robert and Harriet Fewster, of Kingston-upon-Hull; husband of Amelia Ellen Fewster, of 1, Herbert’s Terrace, Westbourne Street., Hull, Memorial: Chatham Naval Memorial
3. HOLLAND, MICHAEL DANIEL , Deck Hand (no. 2788DA), FV Waltham, Royal Naval Reserve, †10/10/1917, Silver Medal for Zeal (Russia), Memorial: Chatham Naval Memorial
4. MAIR, JAMES , Skipper, FV Waltham, Royal Naval Reserve, †10/10/1917, Memorial: Portsmouth Naval Memorial
5. MARSH, ROBERT WRIGHT (35), Trimmer (no. 5300TS), Son of Mrs. Jane Marsh, of 119, Chapel St., Aberdeen, Memorial: Portsmouth Naval Memorial
6. RICHARDSON, EDMUND (21), Deck Hand (no. 8304DA), Son of Susannah Richardson, of 20, Holydyke, Barton-on-Humber, Lincs, and the late Richard Richardson.
7. SMITH, JOHN (25), Trimmer (no. 1923TS), Son of William and Joan Smith; husband of Rosemary Smith, of Short St., Sandhaven, Fraserburgh, Memorial: Portsmouth Naval
8. STEPHEN, PETER STRACHAN (24), Deck Hand (no. 4860DA), Son of James Strachan Stephen and Rebecca Stephen, of Inverallochy, Aberdeenshire, Memorial:
9. STEWART, JAMES WHITE , Deck Hand (no. 4009DA), FV Waltham, Royal Naval Reserve, †10/10/1917, Memorial: Portsmouth Naval Memorial
10. STRACHAN, ROBERT (49), Engineman (no. 1829ES), FV Waltham, Royal Naval Reserve, †10/10/1917, Husband of B. B. Strachan, of 73, Firthside St., Fraserburgh.
11. TOLAN, WILLIAM , Trimmer (no. 2639TS), FV Waltham, Royal Naval Reserve, †10/10/1917, Memorial: Portsmouth Naval Memorial
12. WEBSTER, WILLIAM JOHN (32), Second Hand (no. 4812DA), Son of James and Rose Ann McKay Webster, of Inverness; husband of Rose Ann Fraser Webster, of 27, Gordon St., Aberdeen, Memorial: Portsmouth Naval Memorial
13. WILSON, DAVID (32), Deck Hand (no. 3276DA), Son of John Wilson, husband of Annie Wilson, of, 28, Shore St., Cellardyke, Anstruther, Fife, Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

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