Able Seaman, Alfred Lancelot Anderson, from 1 Norman Terrace, Campbell Street, Hull, died serving the Royal Navy on 13th April 1915. His son William Oliver Anderson died at sea in Russia in 1919.    


Father and son, Leonard William Cooper, Snr, aged 52, and his son Leonard William Cooper, Jnr, aged 32 years, both died at sea on the 16th November 1916, when their steam ship ‘Vasco’ was sunk. They both left widows at 8 Byron Street, Westcott Street and 182 Mersey Street.  


Father and son, Francis Robert Postle, Snr, (42 years) and Francis Robert Postle, Jnr., died on the 12th April 1917 when the ‘St Andromache’ (GRIMSBY) was sunk by an enemy submarine. Their wife and mother Gertrude (nee Cressey) lived at 21 Harrow Street, Hull


Skipper, William Darby Coates Snr. (59 years) and his son 3rd Hand, William Darby Coates Jnr. (20 years), died on the 21st January 1916, when Hull steam trawler, ‘Earl’ was lost with all hands . They lived at 6 Empringham Place, Daltry Street, Hull. Skipper, Andrew Summers (49) drowned with his seventeen year old son, … Read more