2nd Lt, Douglas Cowl, from 194 Beverley Road was the organist and choirmaster of St Luke’s Church. He died at Arras with the 1/4th East Yorkshires on the 23rd April 1917, aged 31. He had enlisted on the 2nd September 1914 and had previously been wounded in 1916. He was the son of Richard and … Read more


Private, George Jacklin, 7th EYR, enlisted in 1916. He had only been in France for three weeks before he was killed on the 5th November 1916. He left his widow Sarah (Farnill) at 24 Glasgow Street, her parents at 82 Glasgow Street, and his Mother and family at 96 Egton Street. The loss of one … Read more


Pte, 716, Stanley Horsfield, was the first 10th East Yorkshire casualty of the war. He was the son of Geoffrey and Kate Horsfield at 10 Curzon Street. Stanley Horsfield, was a Painter by Trade and one of the first to join the Hull Pals Regiment. He was killed by a ‘Minnie’ explosion on the 29th … Read more


The first Hull man killed in the War, was Private, Frederick George Mileham, 18th Queen Mary’s Own Hussars. He died on the 24th August 1914. He was a regular soldier, who before the war had served in Egypt and India. He was 35 years old and the fourth son of George and Mary Ann Mileham … Read more


Pte, James Blain, enlisted in the 13th EYR, at Hull City Hall in September 1914. He died of wounds in 1916, having served in Egypt and France. He left his wife Gertrude and 5 children at Holborn Street, Hull.

Clater & Rouse

Pte, James Clater from Holland Street left 7 children when he was killed on the 27th January 1918.    Skipper, John Henry ROUSE, was lost with all hands, on the Steam Trawler, ‘Oxford’, on the 10th September 1914. He left his wife Elizabeth and 9 children at 35 Scarborough Street.