WW1 Memorial Reckitt And Sons – Hull

Reckitt & Sons WW1 Memorial, Dansom Lane, Hull, unveiled April 1922.

Reckitt’s is a Hull based company, formed in 1842, internationally renowned for its health and cleaning products. By the time of the Great War it had already pioneered a number of scientific breakthroughs to create revolutionary cleaning products, such as Robins Starch (1899), the UK’s first liquid metal polish Brasso (1905), and the silver polish, Silvo (1912). Reckitt’s  expanded at the outbreak of the war by buying two German companies based in England – Rawlin’s & Son and the Global Metal Polish Company.

Memorial to the Fallen of the Great War in front of the Reckitt & Sons Office (now Reckitt Benckiser), Dansom Lane, Hull, unveiled in 1922.

Hull’s world famous Reckitt’s firm employed 4,761 staff  in 1915, which rose to 5,609 in 1917. Reckitt’s saw 70 of its men join up at the outbreak of war and by 1917, 820 men had enlisted. Reckitt’s supported the joining up of married men by making up the difference between their former wages and army pay. By the Armistice, a total of 1,108 Reckitt employees, served from its worldwide workforce, with 153 employees killed and 50% of the remainder wounded or disabled. In tribute to their service, Sir James Reckitt erected a memorial fountain in the grounds of its Hull Office, at Dansom Lane, which still stands today. Reckitt’s also erected two Memorial tablets, including the Reckitt’s Boys Club, Roll of Honour. It  published photographs of many employees serving in ww1 in the staff magazine.

Being Quakers, Reckitt’s factories, produced non combative war goods, such as cleaning materials, gas masks, and petrol cans.

Reckitt’s social club hall was used as a Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) hospital. The hospital was staffed by members of the Reckitt Nursing Division, with James Reckitt appointed as acting Commandant.  Reckitt’s already had some experience in nursing, funding a new hospital wing to the Hull Royal Infirmary, in 1903  and opening a 30 bed Reckitt’s Convalescent Home at Holland Road, Clacton on Sea, in 1908. During ww1 this became the Reckitt’s Home Auxiliary Hospital. The Reckitt’s company also converted its Hull social hall into a factory hospital. It was Hull’s third hospital, with 45 beds, organised and financed by Mr and Mrs P Reckitt. This VAD run hospital opened on the 9th December 1914 and closed on the 2nd February 1919. In the 4 years and 3 months that it was open, the Reckitt’s hospital treated 2,910 patients. Colonel Tatham from the Humber Garrison Medical Service wrote; “the patients who have been there, greatly appreciate the care and kindness bestowed upon them. Many of them have told me, that they were so looked after and received so many little extras and kindnesses, that Reckitts’ was the hospital that men wished to get into if they could.” Sir James Reckitt also billeted a large number of soldiers in their grounds and offered to house a large number of Belgian refugees.

Reckitt’s Military Hospital Staff, Dansom Lane. The hospital opened on the 9th December 1914 and closed on 2nd February 1919.
In 1914, Reckitt’s Social Hall was converted to a Military Hospital, staffed by members of its own Nursing Division.

The Reckitt family have contributed around £160m – in today’s money – to Hull’s community since the company was founded. This includes gifting the land which is now East Hull park (1887), building houses in Garden Village (1908), the James Reckitt Library (1892), Staff swimming baths (1922), the Ferens Art gallery (1927), the Sutton Annexe to Hull Royal Infirmary (1926), founding Hull University (1928) and the Hull’s Science and Innovation Centre (2019). Although the company changed its name to Reckitt’s and Colman in 1938 and merged to become Reckitt Benckiser in 1999, it continues to help the world be cleaner and healthier and be a force for social and environmental good.

The following 126 men were Reckitt’s Staff, lost in the First World War. Their names are recorded on the Reckitt’s War Memorial, the Reckitt WW1 Boys Club, Roll of Honour, Hull and have been researched through other sources.

Anderson George Pte 12th EYR 28/08/1916 23 87, BARNSLEY STREET, HULL Calais, France
Barton John Woodliff Pte 2nd EYR 05/05/1915 19 17, DANSOM LANE HULL. Ypres
Baxter Albert Pte 1/4th EYR 09/07/1915 25 54, CHESTNUT GROVE, GARDEN VILLAGE, HULL Belgium
Baxter Henry Gunner Royal Field Artillery 30/09/1918 31 136, BRUNSWICK AVENUE, HULL Aisne, France
Beacock Frederick Stoker RN, HMS “Black Prince” 31/05/1916 21 7, RICHARDS PLACE, ADELAIDE STREET, HULL Jutland
Beckett George Wilson Pte 8th EYR 13/06/1916 21 214, DANSOM LANE, HULL Belgium
Bell William Henry Pte 8th EYR 03/05/1917 37 12, SWANN STREET, HULL Arras
Benstead John L/Cpl 10th Tank Corps 23/10/1918 25 9, WILLIAMS TERRACE, WALLER STREET, HULL Calais, France
Binns William Arthur Pte 8th EYR 06/11/1915 21 24, PEMBERTON STREET, HULL Bailleul
Borrill Thomas Edgar Pte 2/8th Notts & Derby 29/09/1917 19 50, BRIGHT STREET, HOLDERNESS ROAD, HULL Tyne Cot, Belgium
Bows George William Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery 25/07/1916 36 62,  SHARP STREET, HULL Hull Northern
Bowden John Robert Pte 1/4th EYR 24/04/1915 22 3, BERKSHIRE STREET, HULL, Ypres
Broadley Thomas Pte 1/4th EYR 26/04/1915 19 22, KENT TERRACE, KENT STREET, HULL Poperinge, Belgium
Brocklesby George Clifford L/Cpl 1st KOYLI 08/05/1915 18 1, WENLOCK TERRACE, RUSTENBURG STREET, HULL Ypres
Broddle Oswald Pte 13th Lincoln regiment 22/04/1917 30 10, ROXBURGH STREET, HULL Etaples, France
Bryan John William Henry Pte 11th EYR 27/03/1918 19 16, JAMES RECKITT AVENUE, HULL Arras, France
Busby Walter Percy Pte 11th EYR 28/06/1917 32 5 JAMES RECKITT AVENUE, GARDEN VILLAGE, HULL Arras, France
Buttery Robert L/Cpl 7th EYR 12/05/1917 31 15, BRENTWOOD VILLAS, MARSHALL STREET, HULL, Arras
Carver Arthur Pte 1/4th EYR 24/11/1915 24 78, THOMAS STREET, HEDON ROAD, HULL Ypres
Chambers John William A/B RN, HMS  “Ruby” 16/10/1918 34 33 JAMES RECKITT AVENUE, GARDEN VILLAGE, HULL
Chapman Edward Pte 3rd EYR 09/10/1918 24 6, BELLAMY STREET, HULL Hull Hedon Road
Chapman Frederick John Pte 1/4th EYR 06/08/1916 26 37, WORTHING STREET, HULL Calais, France
Chapman George James Pte 2nd King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 01/11/1919 33 4, ROSEDALE AVENUE, UPTON STREET, HULL Hull Hedon Road
Charlton George Pte 11th EYR 20/02/1918 22 20, WATERLOO STREET, HULL, Roclincourt
Cheeseman Fred Pte 2/7th Manchester Regiment 09/10/1917 25 118, DANSOM LANE, HULL, Tyne Cot, Belgium
Childs William Herbert Pte 3rd EYR 02/12/1915 22 1, JAMES PLACE, NEW GEORGE STREET, HULL Hull Western
Cobby Walter Harold L/Cpl 7th EYR 03/11/1916 31 105, SPRING BANK WEST, HULL
Cockerline Ernest H Pte 5th WYR 11/10/1918 30 1, HARRY’S TERRACE, OXFORD STREET, HULL Ypres, Belgium
Cook Albert Pte 1st EYR 22/02/1917 28 37, BROOK STREET, HULL Loos, France
Claxton Henry Pte 1/6th Notts & Derby 15/11/1917 39 4, ROSEDALE AVENUE, UPTON STREET, DANSOM LANE, HULL Poperinge, Belgium
Clayton MM Robert William Rifleman 2/8th Post Office Rifles 30/10/1917 32 169, ALLIANCE AVENUE, HULL Tyne Cot, Belgium
Cobb Henry Pte 1/5th Border Regiment 30/09/1916 19 8, CAMBRIDGE TERRACE, CAMBRIDGE STREET, HULL Thiepval, Somme
Cooper Clifford Pte 1/4th EYR 16/08/1918 23 74, BRIGHT STREET, HOLDERNESS ROAD, HULL Etaples, France
Costello Mark Pte 1/4th EYR 02/06/1918 19 12, NAPOLEON AVENUE, KENT STREET, HULL Germany
Coupland Fred Batholemew Pte Royal Army Medical Corps 17/10/1917 29 85, CRAVEN STREET, HULL St Julian, Belgium
Cousins Joseph Ernest Pte 7th Liverpool Regiment 28/06/1916 19 30, CORONATION DRIVE, GREAT CROSBY, LIVERPOOL Wailly, France
Cowl Douglas 2nd Lieut. 1/4th EYR 23/04/1917 32 194 ELDON GROVE, BEVERLEY ROAD, HULL Arras
Cronk Thomas William Pte 1/4th EYR 24/11/1915 24 18, VINE TERRACE, BARNSLEY STREET, HULL Festubert, France
Dalton Percival Pte 1/4th EYR 25/04/1915 19 24, JESMOND GARDENS, HOLDERNESS ROAD, HULL Ypres, Belgium
Dalton Thomas Edward Pte 1/4th EYR 06/05/1915 22 238, HOLDERNESS ROAD, HUL Bailleul, France
Darling Charles Sapper 1st East Riding Yeomanry 09/05/1916 23 67, CRAVEN STREET, HULL Bailleul, France
Dawson Wilfred Gunner Royal Field Artillery 22/08/1918 33 33, LEE STREET, HULL Villers Bretonneux
Dean Alfred Stoker RN, HMS “Invincible” 31/05/1916 21 104, DURHAM STREET, HULL Jutland
Dobson James Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery 14/11/1917 38 66, LABURNUM AVENUE, HULL Nord, France
Dodsworth Alfred Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery 28/10/1918 27 14, CORAL GROVE, GRANGE STREET, HULL Hull Northern
Downs Ernest L/Cpl 2/7th Manchester Reg. 21/03/1918 29 8, FLORENCE GROVE, LORRAINE STREET, HULL Aisne, France
Downs Herbert Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery 8, FLORENCE GROVE, LORRAINE STREET, HULL
Elsom Robert L/Cpl Royal Scots 22/03/1918 19 13, STAFFORD STREET, HULL Bailleul, France
Ely George Sapper Royal Engineers 04/07/1917 23 6, PEMBERTON STREET, DANSOM LANE, HULL Belgium
Emerson Herbert Pte 1/4th EYR 10/09/1916 22 9, KINGSTON PLACE, WITHAM, HULL, Bazentin
Farrow Arthur Pte 1st EYR 09/04/1917 26 7 CRESCENT AVENUE, NEW BRIDGE ROAD, HULL Calais, France
Foster Leslie Cecil Pte 2/8th Notts & Derby 07/04/1917 19 86, VILLAGE ROAD, GARDEN VILLAGE, HULL Aisne, France
Gall Henry Pte 1/4TH EYR 20/04/1918 18 92 , DE GREY STREET, HULL Belgium
Gaskill William A/B Royal Naval Reserve 01/05/1917 43 3, ASHBROOK, BUCKINGHAM STREET, HULL sea
Goodfellow Herbert Frederick Pte 12th EYR 13/11/1916 29 3, YORK TERRACE, BEDFORD STREET, HULL Serre
Gray E. not traced
Hardy MM Walter Charles Pte 6th EYR 17/07/1917 25 20, PROVIDENCE ROW, BEVERLEY ROAD, HULL Archiet, Frnace
Hartley Charles Sgt 7th Lincoln Regiment 27/07/1918 25 17 DERWENT AVENUE, GARDEN VILLAGE, HULL. Somme
Harvey John James Pte Machine Gun Corps 01/04/1918 23 18, JAMES RECKITT AVENUE, HULL Hanguard, Somme
Hill Richard Arthur Pte 2/5th Border Regiment 01/10/1916 20 2, CICERO TERRACE, SWANN STREET, HULL Thiepval, Somme
Hogg George Edward Pte 11th EYR 13/10/1916 23 5, PRISON BUNGALOWS, HEDON ROAD, HULL Colincamps, Somme
Holland Herbert Henry Pte Royal West Surrey Regiment 27/10/1918 21 37, FREEHOLD STREET, SPRING BANK, HULL Hull Western
Hotchkin Ernest Pte 12th EYR 13/11/1916 28 2, CROFTON AVENUE, EGTON STREET, HULL Thiepval, Somme
Hotchkin Fred Pte 12th EYR 13/11/1916 22 7, SOPHIAS TERRACE, SPYVEE STREET, HULL Thiepval, Somme
Hunter Leonard Andrew Gunner Royal Field Artillery 24/08/1918 20 9, ROSEDALE AVENUE, UPTON STREET, HULL Calais, France
Hunter Samuel Pte 7th EYR 12/05/1917 26 187, MERSEY STREET, HULL Arras
Hutchinson Ivan 1st Lieut. 1/5th EYR 22/04/1918 21 563, ANLABY ROAD, HULL Calais, France
Jarrett Henry Pte 10th WYR 23/04/1917 22 22, KENT STREET, HOLDERNESS ROAD, HULL Arras
Jubb Charles Pte 15th DLI 31/05/1918 18 2, UNION SQUARE, NEW GEORGE STREET, HULL Soisssons, Somme
Lees MM Harold Bernard Pte 2nd Royal Welsh Fusiliers 20/07/1916 26 2, COLONIAL STREET, HULL Thiepval, Somme
Lill Jack Trooper 20th Hussars 26/06/1915 23 35, PARROT STREET, HULL Egypt
Lockham James Ernest Pte 7th EYR 23/04/1917 27 15, VINE TERRACE, BARNSLEY STREET, HULL Arras
Longley Walter Pte 1/5th Border Regiment 01/10/1916 39 7, THE GROVE, LABURNUM AVENUE, HULL Somme
Mace Herbert Pte 1/4th EYR 27/03/1918 20 6, LENDAL TERRACE, DURHAM STREET, HULL Pozieres
Magson Walter Pte 9th West Yorkshire Regiment 31/07/1918 20 8, WORKINGTON AVENUE, NORNABELL STREET, HULL Marne, France
Markham Joseph Rifleman 7th WYR 09/10/1917 25 7, COLERIDGE STREET, WESTCOTT STREET, HULL Tyne Cot, Belgium
Miller Frank Lonsdale Pte 1/4th EYR 13/10/1915 22 28, LABURNUM AVENUE, HULL Chapelle-D’Armentieres,France
Millington Raymond Pte Royal Army Service Corps 01/09/1917 26 64, BARMSTON STREET, HULL Mendinghem, Belgium
Murray Walter Stanley Pte 1/4th EYR 11/06/1915 37 93, ST GEORGES ROAD, HULL Ypres
Nasby Valentine Percy Pte 1/4th EYR 17/06/1916 21 2, LORNE TERRACE, LORNE STREET, HULL France
Neal Herbert Pte 1/4th EYR 08/11/1916 24 12, ST PAULS AVENUE, CHURCH STREET, HULL Bazentine, France
Nix MM Charles John Sgt 11th EYR 29/09/1918 29 16, ALASKA STREET, HOLDERNESS ROAD, HULL Hainut, Belgium
Nozedar Edward Henry Pte 11th Suffolk Regiment 20/10/1918 19 37, SWANN STREET, HULL Belgium
Parker Gerald Pitts Driver Royal Field Artillery 28/03/1918 27 101, ROSMEAD STREET, HULL Calais, France
Pearson Edwin Pte 11th EYR 15/07/1917 38 6 SYDNEY TERRACE, SIDMOUTH STREET, HULL, Aubigny, France
Peterson George Benjamin 2nd Lieut. 1/4th EYR 31/03/1918 22 42, BEECH AVENUE, GARDEN VILLAGE, HULL Somme
Pitcairn Henry Pte 12th Northumberland Fusiliers 16/06/1917 34 13, RENSBURG STREET, HULL Arras
Richardson Fred Pte Labour Corps 13/12/1918 32 7, APPLEYARDS BUILDINGS, OSBORNE STREET, HULL Hull Hedon Road
Robinson Walter Pte Royal Army Medical Corps 27/10/1916 21 46, KENT STREET, HOLDERNESS ROAD, HULL, Bazentine, France
Rogers William Driver Royal Field Artillery 14/07/1916 22 9, CEDAR GROVE, EXCHANGE STREET, HULL Mametz, Somme
Rudd Joseph Driver Royal Field Artillery 15/11/1918 30 60, WHEELER STREET, HULL Foston on Wolds, Yorkshire
Rylett William Pte 1/4th EYR 14/07/1916 20 37, JAMES RECKITT AVENUE, HULL Ypres
Sanderson Thomas Pte 1/6th Northumberland Fusiliers 15/09/1916 25 66, LABURNUM AVENUE, GARDEN VILLAGE, HULL Thiepval, Somme
Scott Frank Joseph Pte 1/4th EYR 04/08/1916 21 23, ESTCOURT STREET, HULL Bailleul, France
Scott Robert Pte 1/4th EYR 25/04/1915 27 11, ANNIE TERRACE, WALLER STREET, HULL Ypres, Belgium
Sedman Herbert Pte 7th EYR 13/04/1917 38 5, THE GROVE, LABURNUM AVENUE, HULL Arras
Sellers Herbert Pte 1/4th EYR 19/09/1916 19 23, PENNINGTON STREET, SPYVEE STREET, HULL, St Sever, France
Seymour William Herbert Pte 1st EYR 22/02/1917 31 66, BEECH AVENUE, GARDEN VILLAGE, HULL Cambrin, France
Sharman George Anthony Pte 1st Gordon Highlanders 01/04/1916 32 160, BUCKINGHAM STREET, HULL Ypres, Belgium
Sharp Edward Pte Machine Gun Corps 28/06/1918 26 155, BUCKINGHAM STREET, HULL Aval Wood, France
Shepherd Albert Edward Pte 1/4th EYR 30/10/1918 27 10, PRIMROSE AVENUE, UPTON STREET, HULL Soisssons, Somme
Shields Leonard Pte 13th EYR 18/11/1916 21 7, ST. HILDA”S TERRACE, SYMONS STREET, HULL Serre, France
Simpson John Pte 15th Durham Light Infantry 29/05/1918 18 1, SPRING COTTAGES, GOODWIN STREET, HULL Wimille,
Smales Benjamin Pte 1st EYR 01/07/1916 19 15, HOWE STREET, ST MARKS STREET, HULL Thiepval, Somme
Spires George Pte 1st Coldstream Guards 22/12/1914 22 21, PENNINGTON STREET, HULL Le Tiuret, France
Stokes William James Stoker RNR, HMS “Derwent” 02/05/1917 41 3, ASH BROOK, BUCKINGHAM STREET, HULL Sea
Sugden Thomas Pte 13th EYR 16/01/1917 33 16, MAY TREE AVENUE, GARDEN VILLAGE, HULL Cambrai, France
Taylor Robert Pte 1/4th EYR 10/09/1916 21 MERSEY STREET, HOLDERNESS ROAD, HULL. Bazentine, France
Taylor Thomas Samuel Pte 2nd South Wales Borders 16/05/1917 25 1, BLENHEIM TERRACE, WORSLEY STREET, HULL Arras
Taylor William Eli Stoker Royal Navy Voluntary Reserve 07/05/1915 35 22, LIME TREE AVENUE, GARDEN VILLAGE, HULL Gallipoli
Thackery Herbert Edward Pte 1/4th EYR 28/11/1916 20 58, BRIGHT STREET, HULL Somme
Thurloe George Pte 11th EYR 28/06/1918 22 116, YORK STREET, HULL Aval Wood, France
Trowell George William Pte 1/4th EYR 23/04/1917 27 81, LABURNAM AVENUE, HULL Arras
Trowell John Robert Pte 1/4th Northumberland Fusiliers 15/09/1916 30 81, LABURNAM AVENUE, HULL Somme
Tune Charles Walter 2nd Lieut. 13th EYR 23/11/1917 22 “WESTLANDS”, HESSLE. Cambrai
Turner Albert Pte 12th Durham Light Infantry 07/06/1917 20 64, ARGYLE STREET, HULL Ypres, Belgium
Veal Arthur Jubb Pte 2/4th EYR 03/10/1918 20 81, CLARENDON STREET, HULL Bermuda
Turner Robert Pte 1/4th EYR 23/04/1917 32 10, EPPING TERRACE, RODNEY STREET, HULL Arras
Walton Maurice Pte 1st EYR 25/04/1918 19 5, ALBANY STREET, HULL, E Tyne Cot, Belgium
Wharam William Pte 1/4th EYR 03/05/1915 19 40, PROVIDENCE ROW, BEVERLEY ROAD, HULL Ypres, Belgium
Watson John William Pte 1st EYR 11/07/1917 39 3, MYRTLE GROVE, LORRAINE STREET HULL Calais, France
Wolfe Harry Edmund Pte 2/4th EYR 23/03/1916 20 12, WOOLARTON TERRACE, DANSOM LANE, HULL Hull Hedon Road
Woodcraft William Herbert Pte Army Service Corps 02/06/1918 42 26, THOMAS STREET, HULL Hull Hedon Road
Woodmancey Sydney Pte 1st EYR 27/10/1917 19 6, WELLINGTON STREET, HULL Tyne Cot, Belgium
Wright Robert Arthur Pte 18th Lancashire Fusiliers 26/03/1918 35 87, CLIFTON STREET, HULL Pozieres, Somme
Private, George Anderson, 12th EYR


Stoker 1st Class, Frederick Beacock, HMS Black Prince, lost at Jutland, 31/05/1916, aged 22
Pte, George Wilson Beckett, 8th EYR
Lance Corporal, Thomas Edgar Borrill, Notts and Derby Regiment
Pte, John Robert Bowden, 1/4th EYR
Pte, Harry Cobb, 1/5th Border Regiment
Pte. Albert Cook, 1st EYR
2nd Lieutenant, (John) Douglas COWL, 1/4th EYR
Pte, Henry Claxton, Sherwood Foresters
Gunner, Wilfred Dawson, RFA
Private, George Charlton, 11th EYR
Private, Herbert Emerson, 1/4th EYR
Pte, Leslie Cecil Foster, Sherwood Foresters.
Pte, Fred Goodfellow, 12th EYR
Pte, Samuel Hunter, 7th EYR
Private, Ernest HOTCHKIN, 12th EYR.
Private, Fred Hotchkin, 12th EYR.
Sgt, Charles Hartley, 7th Lincolns
L/Cpl, George Edward Hogg, 13th EYR,
Lieutenant, Ivan Hutchinson, 5th EYR
Pte, Henry Jarrett, 10th WYR
Trooper, Jack Lill, 20th Hussars.
Pte, James Ernest Lockham, 7th EYR
Rifleman, Joseph Markham (1883-1917), 7th West Yorks
Pte, Valentine Percy Nasby, 1/4th EYR
Private, Edward Henry Nozedar, 12th Suffolk Regiment.
Pte, Walter Stanley Murray, 1/4th EYR
Pte, Herbert Mace, 1/4th EYR
Sgt, Charles John Nix, MM, 11th EYR
2nd, Lieut, George Benjamin Peterson, 1/4th EYR
Pte, William Rylett, 1/4th EYR
Pte, George Anthony Sharman, 1st Gordon Highlanders
Pte, Edward Sharp, Machine Gun Corps
Pte, Herbert Sedman, 7th EYR
Pte, William Herbert Seymour, 1st EYR
2nd, Lieut, Charles Walter Tune, 13th EYR
Pte, Albert Turner, 12th DLI
Pte, Herbert Thackery, 1/4th EYR
Stoker, William Eli Taylor, Royal Navy Voluntary Reserve
Private, John Robert Trowell, 1/4th Northumberland Fusiliers
Pte, Leonard Shields, 13th EYR
Private, Arthur Jubb Veal, 1/4th East Yorkshire Regiment
Pte, Maurice Walton, 1st EYR
Private, Robert Arthur Wright, 18th Lancashire Fusiliers


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