Hull Teachers and local Clergymen lost WW1

These 27 Hull Teachers died in the 1914-18 War. Their names are recorded on a Memorial, Bronze Plaque, located at the Hull Guildhall. The following provides details of their full name, rank, serial number, regiment, date and place of death, their age and their last known address.

Hull Teachers WW1 Memorial Plaque, Guildhall
  1. ALEXANDER, James, Lance Bombardier, 151758, RFA, died 05/12/1918, Aisne, aged 33 – 32 Grafton Street, Hull
  2. CHAMBERS, Charles William, Private, 39741, 7th EYR, Killed in action, 10/10/1918, France, aged 20 – 2 Campbell Terrace, Rodney Street, Hull
  3. COLLETT, Clarence Henry, Private, 14/165, 8th EYR, Killed in action, 14/06/1916, Somme, aged 27 – 144 Ella Street, Hull
  4. DICKENS, Charles Edward, Private, 3048, 4th EYR, Killed in action 25/04/1915, Ypres, aged 24 – 110 Durham Street, Hull
  5. GIBSON, Arthur, Lance Corporal, 13/1431, 8th EYR, Killed in action, 05/05/1917, Arras, aged 26 – Endyke Lane, Hull
  6. HARRISON VC, MC, John, 2nd Lieutenant, 11th EYR, Killed in action, 03/05/1917, Arras, aged 26 – 75 Wharncliffe Street, Hull
  7. HICKS Henry, Lance Corporal, 10/681, 10th EYR, Killed in action, 12/04/1918, Belgium, aged 28 – 43 Arthur Street, Hull
  8. JACKSON William James, Rifleman, S/712, 12th Rifle Brigade, Killed in action, 12/02/1916, Ypres, aged 31 – 142 Hessle Road, Hull
  9. JOHNSON Joseph Alfred, Sergeant, 46365, 10th Lincs, Died of wounds, 12/01/1918, Wimereux, aged 36 – 43 Bromley Street, Hull
  10. JOHNSON Frank, Private, 10/1210, 10th EYR, Killed in action, 04/06/1916, Somme, aged 31 – 20 Brindley Street, Hull
  11. JONES Reginald Percival, Sergeant, 10/621, 10th EYR, Killed in action, 01/07/1916, Somme, aged 27 – Hessle
  12. KEAL Robert, Private, 10/676, 10th EYR, Died of wounds, 06/03/1917, France, aged 26 – 128 Summergangs Road, Hull
  13. LONGSHAW Eden, Gunner, 294738, RGA, Killed in action, 31/07/1917, Ypres, aged 27 – 9 Ripon Terrace, Kent Street, Hull
  14. MILLARD Thomas Percival, Private, 10/384, 10th EYR, Killed in action, 29/10/1916, Somme, aged 26 – 76 King’s Bench Street, Hull
  15. NICHOLSON Harry, Lance Corporal, 42188, 1st Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, Killed in action, 20/11/1917, Cambrai, aged 19 – 3 South View, Sherburn Street, Hull
  16. POWELL Thomas Albert, Private, 10/574, 10th EYR, Killed in action, 03/05/1917, Arras, aged 26 – 15 May Street, Hull
  17. REEDER Frank, Private, 8920, 3rd EYR, Died of wounds, 18/10/1915, Hull, aged 23 – Argyle Street, Hull
  18. RICHARDSON Richard Waite, Signalman, 16185, 13th Royal Welsh Fusiliers, Killed in action, 11/07/1916, Somme, aged 34 – 70 Sherburn Street, Holderness Road, Hull
  19. ROBINSON Walter, Private, 1101, 10th EYR, Killed in action, 20/10/1916, France, aged 24 – 25 Pryme Street, Hull
  20. STAINFORTH George, Second Lieutenant, 13th Liverpool Regiment, Killed in action, 14/07/1916, Somme, aged 25 – 4 John Street, Hull
  21. THORP Arthur, Sergeant, 294737, RGA, Died of wounds, 13/08/1918, France, aged 26 – Fletcher Gate, Hedon, Hull
  22. TOMKINS Ernest, Private, 25092, 13th EYR, died of wounds, 16/06/1917, Hull, aged 38 – 3 Sutton Street, Spring Bank, Hull
  23. WARDLE John George, Private, 10/1299, 8th EYR, Killed in Action on 14/07/1916, Somme, aged 36 – Marlborough Avenue, Hessle, Hull
  24. WATMOUGH Francis Thomas, Corporal, RGA, Killed in Action, on 08/11/1917, France, aged 36 – 9 Washington Street, Beverley Road, Hull
  25. WEST George Arnold, 2nd Lieutenant, 1st East Lancs, Died of wounds, 08/08/1918, Somme, aged 33 – 82 Clumber Street, Princes Avenue, Hull
  26. WITTY Ernest, Lance Corporal, 2477, 8th EYR, Killed in action, 03/05/1917, Arras, aged 26 – 3 College Street, Beverley Road, Hull
  27. WILKINSON MM, John Henry, Sergeant, 10/1038, 10th EYR, Died of wounds, 02/06/1917, France, aged 24 – The Farm, Westcott Street, Hull.

    Sgt, Harry Wilkinson, MM, 10th EYR
William James Jackson, of 142 Hessle Road, Hull
Sgt, Joseph Alfred Johnson, Hull Teacher and Sportman
Pte, Robert Keal, 10th EYR
Pte. Thomas Percival Millard, 10th EYR
Pte. Wally Robinson, 10th EYR







John Harrison, VC, MC





Sgt, Arthur Thorp, Royal Garrison Artillery
2nd Lieut, George Stainforth, 13th King’s Liverpool Regiment











Note: Not included on the Hull Teacher’s Plaque is Edgar Worsnop, who taught English and German, at the Hull Grammar School, in 1914. On of the first to enlist, he served as Lieutenant, 9th Yorkshire Regiment and died at Gallipoli, on 7th August 1915, aged 27. He had married a month before his death and moved to Armley, Leeds.

also, Private, Joseph Thompson, 33211, 7th East Yorkshire Regiment. Killed in action on 30/03/1918, aged 38. He was an Elementary School Teacher, living with his wife Anne and four children at 155, Chanterlands Avenue, Hull.


The following names were Clergymen and sons lost in the war;

Reverend, Reginald Thomas Newcombe, MC. Vicar of St. Michael’s and All Angels Church, Sutton, Ings, Hull. He enlisted as Army Chaplain with the East Yorkshires, in November 1915, went to France in early 1916 and continued to serve on the Western Front until Armistice Day. He was wounded three times and awarded the Military Cross, at Buckingham Pace, on 19/12/1919, for rescuing wounded under fire.

2nd Lt., Arthur Charles Vaughn Smith, West Yorks Regiment, killed 19/10/1917, from the Sculcoates Vicarage.

2nd Lt., Percival Ram, Manchester Regiment, killed 1st July 1916, from the St Mary’s Vicarage, Lowgate.

Lt., Eric Thomas, West Yorkshire Regiment, killed 08/12/1917, and his brother, Lt., Greville Thomas, 4th Gurkha Rifles, killed 10/4/18, both from the Newland Vicarage, Hull.

Captain, William Reginald Dibb, MC, RFA 37th TMB, died of wounds, 27/05/1918, in Thailand, aged 42. He was the fourth son of the Reverend Ashton & Mary Dibb of Hull.

Pte., James Aaron, MM, 8th Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, killed 1st July 1916. Son of James Aaron, Hull Western Synagogue.

Lt., William Edmund Wigfall, MC, 8th East Yorkshire Regiment, died 19/08/1916, from Beverley Minster.

Lt., Reginald Blencowe Bayliss, Manchester Regiment, killed 18/11/1916, the Beverley Wesleyan Chapel.

L/Cpl., Thomas Wilfred Fisher, Border Regiment, died of pneumonia on 21/02/1917, from the Pocklington Vicarage.

2nd Lt., Lionel William Halse, 12th Gloucester Regiment, died 17/10/1918. Son of the Rev. William George Halse, Holy Trinity Church, Bridlington.

Trevor Ernest Wilberforce, killed on the 14/11/1916. Son of Rev., George Wilberforce Trevor from the Beeford Rectory.

Sub Lt., Edgar Claude Donovan, Royal Navy, who died 26/04/1917, from the Garton in Holderness, Vicarage.

2nd Lt., Walter Sherburn Phillips, East Yorkshire Regiment, killed 16/09/1916, from Skirlaugh Vicarage.

Major, Sydney Herbert Goodall, 16th Canadian Expeditionary Force, killed 08/10/1916, from Howden Vicarage.

Lt. Col., Bernard Barton, 1st Worcester Regiment, killed 11/08/1918, aged 39, son of Revd. Haycroft Barton, from Fridaythorpe, Malton.

Sub. Lt., Norman Nesbitt, Royal Naval Division, died on 21/08/1918 from the Elloughton Vicarage.

Father, Joseph William Finn, MC, born Hull 1875 and who served as Chaplain 4th Class in the Army Chaplain’s Department. Father Finn was a Roman Catholic Priest, died on the first day of the Gallipoli campaign, on 25th April 1915, while landing on ‘V’ Beach, with the Dublin and Munster Fusiliers. He was awarded the Military Cross for attending to the wounded on the beach unarmed.

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