Trinity House Great War Memorial 1914-1919


Name Rank Regiment Died Age Buried House No: Address
Altoft, John William 2nd Mate MM S/S “Dido” (Hull) 14/04/1917 55 Tower Hill Memorial 3 Albert Avenue, Wellsted Street, Hull
Anderson, Ernest Lumley 2nd Officer MM S/S “Okement” (Sunderland) 17/02/1917 28 Tower Hill Memorial 19 Brougham Street, Hull
Barnby, Leonard Ord. Seaman MM S/S “North Wales” 24/10/1916 15 Tower Hill Memorial 65  Kimberley Street, Hull
Barron, Joseph William 1st Mate MM S/S “Gitano” (Hull) 23/12/1918 35 Tower Hill Memorial Selby, Ings Road, Hull
Beilby, Robert Edward Signaller Australian Imperial Force Royal Field Artillery 13th Brigade 01/02/1917 20 Villers-Bretonneux Military Cemetery, Somme, France Unknown
Bell, Frank Deck Hand Royal Naval Reserve RNR HMT “Robert Smith” 20/07/1917 19 Chatham Naval Memorial 34 Paisley Street, Hull
Bisby, George William Private 6th East Yorkshire Regiment Pioneers 10/09/1917 22 Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Belgium 11 Bonfield Terrace, Walcott Street, Hull
Bonner, Ernest Edward Master MM S/S “Djerv” 20/02/1918 38 Tower Hill Memorial 8 Park Grove, Hull
Boyle, Francis Benjamin Master Royal Navy HMS “Campania II” 05/03/1917 42 Tower Hill Memorial 6 Walcott Street, Hull
Brooks, Robert Jackson 2nd Hand Royal Naval Reserve RNR HMT “Vivanti” 06/04/1916 41 Hull Northern Cemetery 5 Humber Avenue, West Dock Street, Hull
Butcher, William Cadet MM S/S “Ingleside” (Whitby) 08/05/1918 16 Tower Hill Memorial 4 Providence Place, Newland Avenue, Hull
Calam, Frederick George 2nd Officer MM S/S “Belgian Prince” 31/07/1917 20 Tower Hill Memorial 244 Alliance Avenue, Hull
Carmichael, Ernest 2nd Officer MM S/S “Tycho” (Hull) 20/05/1917 22 Tower Hill Memorial 346 Boulevard, Hull
Carmichael, William Albert 1st Lieutenant Royal Naval Reserve RNR HMT “St Ives” 21/12/1916 24 Hull Western Cemetery 346 Boulevard, Hull
Clark, Robert Brown 1st Lieutenant Royal Naval Reserve RNR HMS “Louvain” 20/01/1918 26 Plymouth Naval Memorial 100 Brunswick Avenue, Hull
Cox, William Alfred Apprentice MM S/S “Lewisham” (London) 17/05/1917 18 Tower Hill Memorial 97 Durham Street, Hull
Craven, Bertie 1st Mate MM S/S “Montebello” (Hull) 21/06/1918 28 Tower Hill Memorial 3 Welbeck Street, Hull
Cuthbert, Benjamin Submarine Lieutenant Royal Naval Reserve RNR HM Yacht “Zarefah” 08/05/1917 22 Chatham Naval Memorial 4 Merrick Street, Hull
Day, William John (Jack) 2nd Officer MM S/S “Ibis” (Hull) 13/05/1918 21 Sea 20 John Street, Hull
Dealey, E unknown
Dee, William Victor Able Seaman Royal Navy HMS “Killingholme” 27/04/1916 21 Plymouth Naval Memorial 9 Belvoir Street, Princes Avenue, Hull
Donovan, Michael Wells Mortimer 2nd Mate MM S/S “Cito” (Hull) 17/05/1917 24 Tower Hill Memorial 229 Albert Avenue, Hull
Ford, William Albert Able Seaman MM S/S “Cambric” (Hull) 31/10/1917 22 Tower Hill Memorial 50 Kings Bench Street, Hull
Frank, Alfred Chief Officer MM S/S “Taplow” (London) 05/06/1917 53 Tower Hill Memorial 219 Marlborough Avenue, Hull
Frost, DSM, Robert Skipper Royal Naval Reserve RNR HMT “Orcades” 14/04/1916 23 Hull Western Cemetery 152 Albert Avenue, Hull
Frus, Basil 2nd Officer MM S/S “Montebello” (Hull) 21/06/1918 21 Tower Hill Memorial 240 Marlborough Avenue, Hull
Fuller, James Albert Driver Australian Imperial Force 4th Battalion Divisional Ammunition Column 01/12/1916 26 Dernancourt Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme, France 287 Hawthorn Avenue, Hull
Gale, Herbert Private 10th East Yorkshire Regiment (Hull Commercials) 30/05/1916 22 Euston Road Cemetery, Colincamps, Somme, France 9 Daltry Street, Hull
Gamble, Leslie Charles Private Notts Derby Sherwood Foresters Regiment 2/6th Battalion 27/04/1917 19 Thiepval Memorial, Somme, France 73 Duesbery Street, Hull
Gardam, Robert Arthur Denton 2nd Officer MM S/S “Cavallo” (Hull) 01/02/1918 27 Tower Hill Memorial 29 Hawthorn Avenue, Hull
Gibb, George Douglas Patrick Bosun MM S/S “Tycho” (Hull) 20/05/1917 37 Tower Hill Memorial 23 Coltman Street, Hull
Glenton, James Joseph 2nd Mate MM S/S “Gitano” (Hull) 23/12/1918 22 Tower Hill Memorial 20 Boynton Street, Hull
Hall, George 1st Lieutenant Royal Naval Reserve RNR HMS “Blackmorevale” 01/05/1918 29 Plymouth Naval Memorial 5 Sidmouth Street, Hull
Haque, Ernest 2nd Mate MM S/S “Leicester” (Grimsby) 12/02/1916 39 Tower Hill Memorial 15 Victoria Avenue, Wellsted Street, Hull
Harmer, Samuel Cyril Apprentice MM S/S “Harrogate” 20/02/1918 16 Sea 8 Walcott Street, Hull
Harrison, Fred Heaton Bosun MM S/S “Rievaulx Abbey” 03/09/1916 40 Tower Hill Memorial 15 Ripon Terrace, Liddell Street, Hull
Hatfield, Leonard Apprentice MM S/S “Adriatic” (Hull) 31/10/1916 17 Tower Hill Memorial 20 Denmark Street, Hull
Hodges, Robert Master MM S/S “Antonio” (London) 07/03/1917 30 Tower Hill Memorial 8 Buckingham Street, Hull
Hyde, Walter Master MM S/S “Eavestone” (Liverpool) 03/02/1917 39 Tower Hill Memorial 27 Mayfield Street, Hull
Ibbetson, R D unknown
Jackson, Alfred Reed Master MM S/S “Cambric” (Hull) 31/10/1917 25 Tower Hill Memorial 158 Bean Street, Hull
Jederin, Andrew Walker Private King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (KOYLI), 1st Battalion 30/09/1915 26 Loos Memorial, France 14 Model Buildings, Midland Street, Hull
Johnson, Ernest H 2nd Mate Royal Naval Reserve RNR HMT “Orcades” 14/04/1916 35 Chatham Naval Memorial 158 Division Road, Hull
Johnson, George Edward Apprentice MM S/S “Lewisham” (London) 17/05/1917 14 Tower Hill Memorial 426 Beverley Road, Hull
Joules, Harold Chief Engineer MM S/S “Calypso” (Hull) 11/07/1916 28 Tower Hill Memorial 61 Abbey Street, Hull
Kemp, Albert Edward Apprentice MM S/S “Farnham” 19/05/1917 15 Tower Hill Memorial 85 Somerset Street, Hull
Kerridge, Thomas William 2nd Mate MM S/S “Umba” (London) 30/04/1918 29 Tower Hill Memorial 23 Carrington Street, Hull
Knight, John Edward Apprentice MM S/S “Highbury” (London) 31/05/1917 15 Tower Hill Memorial 15 Burleigh Place, Providence Row, Hull
Le Brun, Chris Stoker 2nd Class oyal Navy HMS “Good Hope” 01/11/1914 19 Portsmouth Naval Mamorial 48 Redbourne Street, Hull
Maloney, Arthur J Mate MM HMT “Commander Fullerton” 18/07/1915 35 Tower Hill Memorial 2 Cuthbert-Avenue, Airlie Street, Hull
Matthews, Robert Chief Engineer MM S/S “Ibis” (Hull) 13/05/1918 31 Sea 19 Camden Street, Hull
Mckee, George Lance Corporal 12th East Yorkshire Regiment  12/04/1916 25 Sucrerie Military Cemetery, Colincamps, Somme, France 7 Brooklyn Avenue, Perth Street, Hull
Nielson, William Christian 2nd Lieutenant King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (KOYLI), 1/5th Battalion 02/09/1918 26 Vaulx Hill Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France 18 Hereford Street, Hull
Nowell, John Master MM S/S “Adriatic” (Hull) 31/10/1916 45 Tower Hill Memorial 573 Anlaby Road, Hull
Oliver, George Alfred 2nd Officer MM S/S “Carpathia” 17/07/1918 24 Sea 19 St Andrew Street, Hull
Parkinson, Henry Company Sergeant Major Northumberland Fusiliers 12th Battalion 28/01/1916 21 Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension, Nord, France 4 Cleveland terrace, Walcott Street, Hull
Partridge, James J Engineer MM S/S 27/02/1916 29 St Marys New Cemetery, Dover, Kent 18 Victor Street, Hull
Pitman, Ernest 1st Mate MM S/S “Highbury” (London) 31/05/1917 28 Tower Hill Memorial 317 Boulevard, Hull
Rayner, Sydney (Punch) Chief Officer MM S/S 11/02/1918 30 St Malo, France 2 Alexander Terrace, Crowl Street, Hull
Robson, John Flockart Erskine Private South Staffordshire Regiment 2/6th Battalion 21/03/1918 20 Arras Memorial, France 160 New Bridge Road, Hull
Roettig, Ralph Arthur 2nd Mate MM S/S “Elve” 11/10/1917 23 Tower Hill Memorial 58 De La Pole Avenue, Hull
Ruffles, James Rayward 1st Lieutenant Royal Navy HMS “High Flyer” 06/12/1917 31 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 47 Estcourt Street, Hull
Scarborough, Walter Gordon Engineman Royal Naval Reserve RNR HM Drifter “Hastfen” 24/09/1917 23 Chatham Naval Memorial 6 Arthur’s Terrace, Walcott Street, Hull
Schramm, John Henry unknown 3 Rydale Terrace, Strickland Street, Hull
Seniscal, William Butler Master MM S/S “Biruta” (London) 06/08/1918 48 Tower Hill Memorial 89 Coltman Street, Hull
Siddle  DSM, MID, John William Engineman Royal Naval Reserve RNR HMT “Achilles 11” 26/06/1918 41 Chatham Naval Memorial 76 Eton Street, Hessle Road, Hull
Smith, Charles Cook Master MM S/S “Calypso” (Hull) 11/07/1916 56 Tower Hill Memorial 194 Coltman Street, Hull
Sonnabend, John Joseph (Jack) Able Seaman MM S/S “Tycho” (Hull) 20/05/1917 23 Tower Hill Memorial 16 Marmaduke Street, Hull
Spain, Walter 3rd Officer MM S/S “Montebello” (Hull) 21/06/1918 22 Tower Hill Memorial 105 Havelock Street, Hull
Speechley, George Frederick Chief Officer MM S/S “Darlington” 26/07/1918 36 Hull Western Cemetery 549 Hessle Road, Hull
Stephenson, Robert Bosun MM S/S “Cito” (Hull) 17/05/1917 36 Tower Hill Memorial 1 Victoria Place, Waverley Street, Hull
Stockdale, Tom 2nd Mate MM S/S “Calypso” (Hull) 11/07/1916 35 Tower Hill Memorial 3 Swinburne Street, Westcott Street, Hull
Stride, George E. Deck Hand Royal Naval Reserve RNR HMT “Speeton” 31/12/1915 39 Chatham Naval Memorial 2 Hope Terrace, Walker Street, Hull
Tether, Douglas Milne 2nd Officer MM S/S “Toro” (Hull) 12/04/1917 25 Tower Hill Memorial 12 Marine Parade, Withernnsea
Thornton, Robert Able Seaman MM S/S “Cito” (Hull) 17/05/1917 45 Tower Hill Memorial 57 Blake Street, Hull
Vear, Arthur William Apprentice MM S/S “Henry R James” 16/07/1917 18 Tower Hill Memorial 247 Chanterlands Avenue, Hull
Vinson, Edgar 3rd Mate MM S/S “Dido” (Hull) 26/02/1916 22 Tower Hill Memorial 5 Mareham Avenue, Ena Street, Hull
Ware, Percy 2nd Mate MM S/S “Membland” 15/02/1915 26 Tower Hill Memorial 33 Carrington Street, Hull
Wemyss, Leonard Corporal Yorkshire Regiment, (“Green Howards”), 2nd Battalion 09/04/1917 21 Arras Memorial, France 78 English Street, Hull
Wharton, William John Lance Corporal Lancashire Fusiliers 9th Battalion 07/08/1915 20 Helles Memorial, Gallipoli, Turkey 144 Bean Street, Hull
Whitehurst, Harold Private Highland Light Infantry (HLI), 1st Battalion 18/03/1915 18 Le Touret Military Cemetery, Richebourg-L’Avoue, France 31 Cave Street, Hull
Williams, George Able Seaman MM S/S “Dido” (Hull) 26/02/1916 22 Hull Western Cemetery 14 Beaumont Terrace, Wellsted Street, Hull
Wright, Ernest Apprentice MM S/S “North Wales” 24/10/1916 17 Tower Hill Memorial 9 Charlotte Terrace, Waterloo Street, Hull
Young, Ernest Gunner Royal Field Artillery 223rd Brigade, B Battery 23/01/1918 21 Rocquigny-Equancourt Road Cemetery, Somme, France 73 Flinton Street, Hull
Young, James William Master MM S/S “Umba” (London) 30/04/1918 57 Tower Hill Memorial 59 De La Pole Avenue, Hull

Here are some images of the Fallen

John William Altoft, SS Dido
Ernest Lumley Anderson
Chief Officer, Joseph William Barron
Robert Edward Beilby, Australian Imperial Force
BONNER, ERNEST EDWARD (38), Master, SS Djerv.
Cadet, William Butcher


Frederick George Calam
Lieut, Robert Brown Clark, RNR
Bertie Craven
Benjamin Cuthbert
Skipper, Robert Frost, DSM. One of Hull youngest Skippers
Basil Frus
James Joseph Glenton
Ernest Hague
Captain, Robert Hodges
Captain, Walter Hyde, SS Liverpool
Captain, Alfred Reed Jackson, SS Cambric
George Edward Johnson
Harold Joules, Chief Engineer, S/S “CALYPSO”
Second Officer, Thomas William Kerridge
Stoker, Chris Le Brun, RN
Sergeant, Henry Parkinson, Northumberland Fusiliers
Sydney Rayner, Merchant Navy
Pte, John Flockart Erskine Robson
Lieut, James Rayward Ruffles
Captain, William Butler Seniscal
John William Siddle, DSM
John Joseph Sonnabend
Walter Spain 1896-1918
George Frederick Speechley
Corporal, William John Wharton, Lancashire Fusiliers
Harold Whitehurst
Gunner, Ernest Young, RFA


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