Pte, Joseph Frederick Childs, formerly of the Manchester Regiment died of wounds on the 4th June 1922. He was 31years old and the son of James and Margaret Childs from 16 Spittle Street. His brother William Herbert Childs had also died of wounds in Hull on the 2nd December 1915, aged 22. Their father, Pte, … Read more


Walter Edwin McClaren, Skipper of the Steam Ship ‘ George Fisher’ died of war wounds on 19th February 1923. This Master Mariner was 58 years old when he anchored at last. His wife and children who lived at 24 Westminster Avenue later emigrated to America.


Pte William Wardell Wallis, 17th Lancers, had been invalided from the army in 1911. He nevertheless, rejoined during the war, and died of his wounds on the 8th February 1919. He was aged 37, is buried in Hull Western Cemetery and lived at 37 Rodney Street.