Hull’s Sailor Gallery

Hull Trawlerman, William Jenkinson, Bosun of the Trawler “Barbados”. From Strickland Street, Hull. He died at sea, aged 47
Able Seaman, John Ryan, RN HMS ‘CHAMPAGNE’, of 7 Albert Avenue, Terry Street, Hull. Died at sea, on 09/10/1917, aged 22.
Alexander Stephenson, Royal Naval Reserve. Stoker on HMT ‘VALA’, lost 21/08/1917, aged 29. He lived at 7 William Street, Hull
EDWARD LAISTER COOKE, RNR HMT ‘NEPTUNIAN’ 27/10/1918, aged 22. Born in Hull, on 01/08/1896.
Frederick James Strickland, Royal Naval reserve, 15/01/1915, aged 24, of 16 Harold’s Avenue, Buckingham Street, Hull.



Able Seaman, George William Oades, Royal Navy, HMS ‘JESSAMINE’, lost at sea 29/08/1917, aged 23. From 52 Salthouse Lane, Hull.
Deckhand, Harry Sanderson,, RNR, served on the Trawler, Kelvin. He was lost at sea, on 07/07/1917, aged 34. He lived at 34 Edinburgh Street, Hull
Stoker, Harry Beadle, Royal Navy, HMS ‘BROKE’ of 26 Edward’s Place, Buckingham Street, Hull. Lost at Jutland, on 31/05/1916, aged 26.
George William Margerison, 3rd Officer, S/S “Chicago”, killed off Flamborough Head, 8th July 1918, aged 22. His family lived at 18 Goddard avenue, Hull.
Richard Fawcett Mann, who served on Minesweepers during WW1. Here he is with his first child Rene.1914.
Arthur Ernest Soardes, Steam Skipper of the Hull Trawler “ARGYLE”, lost at sea, 15/06/1915.
Skipper, George Noel, HMS, “ERA”. Mentioned in Dispatches (MID). He died as a German Prisoner of War in Hamburg, on 13/07/1916, aged 59. He lived at 71 Flinton Street, Hessle Road, Hull.
Rupert Henry Dixon, Chief Engineer, of the Drifter “RESTOR”, lost 12/10/1915, Dardenelles.
Samuel William Harwood, Chief Engineer, Steam Ship “TORO”, lost 12/04/1917, aged 45. He lived at 7 Airlie Street, Hull.
John Richard Millett, HMT “Othello”, lost at sea, 31/10/1915. he lived at 93 Flinton Street, Hessle Road, Hull.
Alfred Newby , Steam Trawler, “Titania”, lost at sea, 11/05/1915, aged 16. he lived at 15 Nellies Terrace, Gillett Street, Hull
Lorenzo Newby, Steam Trawler, “Magneta” (Hull), aged 21.
Frederick Wheal, Able Seaman, RNR, of 3 Owens Square, New George Street, Hull
Harold Joules, Chief Engineer, S/S “CALYPSO”, lost at sea, 11/07/1916, aged 28. He went to Hull’s Trinity House Naval school and was one of three sons lost in the war.  Husband of Elsie May Morton (formerly Joules), of “Cleveleys”, Clifford Avenue, Ings Road, Hull.
Henry Moody Belton, Skipper of HMT ‘BEN BRAEC’, lost 12/04/1917, aged 56.
Frederick Beacock , HMS ‘Black Prince’ with his children, at Adelaide Street, Hull. he died at Jutland, 31/05/1916, aged 21.
Private, Percival Raymond Dixon, Royal Marine Light Infantry, killed at Gallipoli, on 13/07/1915, aged 21. He lived with his sister at 14 Russell Terrace, Bean Street, Hull
James Gillard, Royal Naval Reserve, HMT ‘KING EMPEROR’, lost 04/02/1916, aged 39. He lived at 70 Brighton Street, Hessle Road, Hull
Harry Holness, Second Hand, RNR HMT ‘ROBERT BARTON’, aged 29, from Rhodes Street, Hawthorne Avenue, Hull
James Thomas Batty, RNR, HMT ‘DE LA POLE’, lost 04/02/1916, aged 35. Eastbourne Street, Hull
Crew of the “St Ely”. Skipper, William Darby Coates (Senior), seen holding the life belt, was lost steam trawler “EARL”, sunk 21/01/1916. He was aged 59 and lived at 25 Buxton Terrace, Daltry Street, Hull
Stoker, Charles Albert Birks, HMS “Queen Mary”, lost at Jutland, 31/05/1916. he left a widow, Ruth and two children at 34 Barnsley Street, Hull.
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