Hill MM, Henry

Hull Pals Memorial Post. SGT, HENRY HILL 11/375. Born in 1897, Henry was one of six children to John and Maria Hill of 9 Berkshire Street, Buckingham Street, Hull. A Labourer before the war he enlisted at Hull City Hall on Tuesday 8th September 1914 joining the fledgling 11th Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment, 2nd Hull Pals. He lied about his age, telling them he 19 rather than 17, but his deception went unnoticed and he quickly proved himself a capable soldier rising up the ranks until he made Sergeant on 11th April 1918 as the Pals went into the line at Armentieres to help stem the tide of the German Spring Offensive. By then he was a veteran of Egypt and had been wounded on the Somme, then survived Oppy Wood and Arras. Henry was a part of the 92nd Trench Mortar Battery and was among six men killed during a demonstration when a shell detonated in the barrel sending white hot metal shards out in all directions tearing flesh from bone. He is buried at Le Grand Hasard Military Cemetery; a young man of 21.
Many thanks to Andrew Montgomery for the HDM photo of Henry Hill. The transcription reads: Much satisfaction will be felt at the announcement of the award of the Military Medal to Private Harry Hill. East Yorks. in recognition of his bravery and devotion to duty on the field. Private Hill, who is only 19 years of age, was before joining the army employed at Messrs Earle’s shipbuilding & engineering yard, and lived with his parents at 9 Berkshire Street, Holderness Road, Hull. He was wounded in the arm shortly before winning this award, but is now fortunately recovered, and is back again in the trenches. Four of his brothers are also serving. Hull Daily Mail. 25th October, 1916.

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Le Grand Hasard Military Cemetery, Morbecque, Nord, France