Webber, George Edwin

Born 4 Jun 1869 • Woodbury, Exton, Devon, England. Son of George Webber (1849-1875) and Mary Ann Bassett (1844-1923). Joined the Navy in 1884 and served on HMS Impregnable. Served as Coastguard, on Sutton-on-Sea, King’s Lynn, Hawsker and Bridlington. Married Margaret Cox (1872-1945) and had five children (1911 Census). He retired in 1912, but rejoined in 1914 when war was declared. He served on HMS “Empericuse”. While acting as Pier Master at the Orkneys, he met with an accident which eventually caused him to be discharged from the service as medically unfit and which caused his death on 31/12/1919. He is buried at Hull Northern Cemetery. He left an unmarried wife, Emma Robinson (1882-1955), and another three children, at 1 Bridge Street, Yarm on Tees, York (Pension Ledger Address).

His death was reported in the Hull Daily Mail, on 06/01/1920. *

First name:
Military Number:
Chief Petty Officer
Date Died
1 Bridge Street, Yarm on Tees, York