HMT ‘EMLEY 123’ sunk 28th April 1918,

HMT ‘EMLEY 123’ sunk in the Firth of Forth, on 28th April 1918, with the loss of 8 crew. COLLEY, ROBERT , Trimmer (no. 7801TS), H.M. Trawler Emley, †28/04/1918, Memorial:Chatham Naval Memorial FITZPATRICK, GEORGE WILLIAM , Deck Hand (no. 9198DA), H.M. Trawler Emley, †28/04/1918, Memorial: Portsmouth Naval Memorial MACDONALD, JOHN (20), Leading Deck Hand (no. 14142DA), H.M. Trawler Emley, †28/04/1918, … Read more

HMT ‘COMMANDER FULLERTON’ lost on 12th December 1917

HMT ‘COMMANDER FULLERTON’, was a destroyer, lost on 12th December 1917, trying to protect a convoy in the North Sea.  She was sunk by SMS EMDEN and destroyers of the German Third Half-Flotilla on 12th December 1917. Destroyers PELLEW and PARTRIDGE, together with trawlers COMMANDER FULLERTON, LIVINGSTONE,  LORD ALVERSTONE and TOKIO were escorting a Scandinavian convoy when attacked by the Germans. The … Read more

‘HMT ARGYLL H923’ sunk 15th June 1915

On the 15th June 1915, the Hull vessel,  was torpedoed by the submarine UC-11, off the Harwich coast. All seven Hull fishermen were lost: * ALDAN Albert (46), 4 St Andrews Street, Hull. Chief Engineer * BOWLES Fred (35), 6 Rugby Terace, Rugby Street, Hull. Deckhand * COWLAM Jack (29), 3 Willows Grove, Somerset Street, Hull. Fireman * SOARDES … Read more

SS ‘CELIA (H989)’, lost 8th January, 1915

CREW LOST ON ‘CELIA (H989)’, in the North Sea, 8th January, 1915. Never seen again. HALDENBY, Thomas (43), 7 Claremont-Villas, Liverpool Street, Hull. Cook KINGDOM, Thomas (23) , 2 Clumber-Ave, Flinton Street, Hull. Deckhand LAVERACK, Daniel (18), 9 Florence-Terrace, Wassand Street, Hull. Fireman LONGTHORNE, Wilfred (27), 8 St. George-Avenue, Selby Street, Hull. Skipper MITCHELL, Alfred (20), Florence-Avenue, Westbourne Street, … Read more

SS ‘SEBASTIAN’, lost 22nd May, 1915

CREW LOST ON ‘SEBASTIAN’, lost in the North Sea, 22nd May, 1915. Lost with all hands. AGNES, W. A (26), 12 Arthurs-Terrace, Walcott Street, Hull. Trimmer COWLING, Frederick (23), 13 Seaton-ter, Walcott st, Hull. 2nd/Engineer ELLIS, Herbert (26), 12 Fern-Grove, Eastbourne st, Hull. Cook FLEY, Albert (28), 11 Welton-ter, Wassand Street, Hull. Bosun GILLARD, Arthur (16), 34 Edinburgh … Read more

SS ‘EARL (H436)’ lost 21st January 1916

EARL (H436) was a Hull steam trawler, reported missing in the North Sea on 21/1/1916 BROWNHILL, A (51), 140 Regent Street, Hull. Cook BUCHAN, William (17), 30 Haddon Street, Hull. Trimmer COATES, William (20), 6 Empringham-Place, Daltry Street, Hull. 3rd/Hand COATES, William (59), 25 Buxton-ter, Daltry Street, Hull. Skipper JACKSON, Frederick (34), 236 Boulevard, Hull. 2nd/Hand … Read more

SS ‘EROS’ sunk on the 8th June 1918

‘EROS’  was mined in the North Sea on the 8th June 1918.  7 lives, lost including Skipper. LOST CREW – HMT EROS AVERY, STEPHEN FREDERICK (32), Spare Hand, Steam Trawler Eros, †08/06/1918, Son of Robert Avery and the late Florence Avery; husband of Bertha Louisa Avery (nee Linkins), of 8, Princes Avenue, West Dock St., Hull. Born at … Read more