HMT ‘SOUTHWARD HO’, lost 27th May 1915

‘SOUTHWARD HO’ was a 169 GRT steam trawler completed in 1899 by Doig & Broadley for S. T. While & Co. Ltd. and registered at Hull as H.456. She was reported missing on 27 May 1915 and is believed to have been lost approximately 88 nautical miles East by North of Spurn Head as a result of (unspecified) enemy action.There were no survivors.

Southward HoELLIS Thomas, Skipper

HARISON W., Second Hand, 76 Glasgow Street, Hull

MORTIMER E.W., 16 Joshua Avenue, Madeley Street, Hull

NICHOLSON W., Second Engineer, 40 Scarborough Street, Hull

NOBBS J.W. , Boatswain, Albert Avenue, Selby Street, Hull

PALMER Arthur, (30) Fourth Hand,

PEARSON J., (57) Deckhand

SMITH George, (36), Third Hand, 76 Welsted Street, Hull

WOOLMER George, (38) Cook, 56 Naylors Row, Hull

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