‘HMT ARGYLL H923’ sunk 15th June 1915

On the 15th June 1915, the Hull vessel,  was torpedoed by the submarine UC-11, off the Harwich coast. All seven Hull fishermen were lost:

ALDAN Albert (46), 4 St Andrews Street, Hull. Chief Engineer

BOWLES Fred (35), 6 Rugby Terace, Rugby Street, Hull. Deckhand

COWLAM Jack (29), 3 Willows Grove, Somerset Street, Hull. Fireman

SOARDES Arthur Ernest (54), Skipper

TURNER Albert (46), 50 Railway Cottages, Hessle Road

WISE Albert (46), 3 Ebor Terrace, Eastbourne Street, Hull. Deckhand

WISE Arthur (42), 1 Auckland Terrace, Gillett Street, Hull. Cook

  THE GERMAN NAVY IN THE NORTH SEA, 1914-1918Thumbnail picture of the SM U-106

A last minute escape from a torpedoed ship. The ship's bow has already sunk into the waves, and her stern is slowly lifting out of the water. Men can be seen sliding down emergency escape ropes as the last lifeboat pulls away.


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