Pte, Harold Dixon. 6th EYR, killed 1916 and his brother Pte Ernest Dixon, 10th EYR, killed in 1917, both had lived with their parents at 78 Manchester Street, Hessle Road. Thirty Two men died in the Great War from Manchester Street.   FRANKS   Thank You to Rory Paddock, for the following information, sent on 17/10/2016:-  … Read more


Sgt, Charles Edward Myers killed on the 28th October 1914 serving with the Yorkshire Regiment and his brother George William Myers, 1st EYR was killed on 23rd July 1916. They were the sons of William & Sarah E Myers, at 17 Dansom Lane, Hull.


John and Roger Tighe, two sons of Patrick and Elizabeth Tighe, 14 Albert Terrace, Spring Street, were both killed in the war. Both born in Hull, John was a Sergeant in the Lincolnshire Regiment. He left a wife and is buried in Grimsby. Roger Tighe served with the East Yorkshire Regiment and before the war … Read more


2nd Lieutenant, Arthur Cyril Webster, 10th East Yorkshire, had been a Chorister at Hull’s Holy Trinity Church. He died on the 3rd May 1917, at Oppy Wood, leading the attack, aged 23. His elder brother, 2nd Lt, George Alan Webster, 1st EYR, was killed on the 18th September 1918. Their parents George William and Rose … Read more


William Bratton lost at sea in 1915 lost 3 stepbrothers during the war. They were the four children of Thomas Cudbertson and Sarah Ann Withers at 12 Richmond Terrace, Harrow Street, Hessle Road. Twenty Eight men are known to have died in the war from Harrow Street. Although this street has now been demolished, their … Read more


Alfred Whittingdon Ounsworth, Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry died on the 7th May 1917. His brother Frank Ounsworth, was killed 13 days later on the 20th May 1917. They were sons of John and Margaret Ounsworth, 85 Hodgson Street, HULL.


George Broadley was killed on the 23rd April 1915. His brother Thomas Broadley was killed three days later on the 26th April 1915. They had joined the East Yorkshire together and are buried together at Ypres. They were the sons of James and Catherine Broadley, 62 Clarendon Street, Hull.