Booth, Stephen Hartley

Born Hull, 25/12/1886. Parents unknown. He lodged at this 18 Church Street, Drypool, Hull. Worked as a Telegraph Messenger. He enlisted in the Royal Naval Reserve. Died of disease, on board the Lord Airedale, on 18/03/1915, aged 29. His next of Kin, was his brother, John William Booth, of 72 Newmarket Street, Grimsby. He is buried in Grimsby.
Lord Airedale, built by Smith’s Dock Co. Ltd., Middlesbrough in 1911 and operated at the time of her loss by Royal Navy, was a British navy trawler of 215 tons.
On November 29th, 1916, Lord Airedale was sunk by a mine from the German submarine UC-11 (Max Schmitz), near the Sunk lightvessel. 7 persons were lost.
1. BOOBYER, ALBERT GEORGE (21), Signalman (no. Bristol Z/797), HMT Lord Airedale, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, †29/11/1916, Son of Amos and Jane Boobyer, of 13, Taddiforde Rd., St. David’s, Exeter, Memorial: Plymouth Naval Memorial
2. BRUNTON, JAMES , Deck Hand (no. 3914SD), HMT Lord Airedale, Royal Naval Reserve, †29/11/1916, Memorial: Chatham Naval Memorial
3. FLETCHER, FREDERICK CHARLES (44), Trimmer Cook (no. 516TC), HMT Lord Airedale, Royal Naval Reserve, †29/11/1916, Son of Charles and Mary Jane Fletcher, of Manchester; husband of Jane Ann Fletcher, of 51, Coronation Rd., Cleethorpes, Lincs, Memorial: Chatham Naval Memorial
4. MACKIE, NEIL (32), Engineman (no. 4395ES), HMT Lord Airedale, Royal Naval Reserve, †29/11/1916, Husband of Gertrude Jane Mackie, of 22, Evelyn St., Bute Docks, Cardiff, Memorial: Plymouth Naval Memorial
5. THOMSON, JOHN (31), Trimmer (no. 3977TS), HMT Lord Airedale, Royal Naval Reserve, †29/11/1916, Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thomson, of 75, Virginia St., Aberdeen, Memorial: Portsmouth Naval Memorial
6. WILES, ALBERT GEORGE (19), Trimmer (no. 4773TS), HMT Lord Airedale, Royal Naval Reserve, †29/11/1916, Son of George and Gertrude Wiles, of 4, Warwick Rd., Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, Memorial: Plymouth Naval Memorial
7. WILSON, JOHN THOMAS (35), Engineman (no. 4564ES), HMT Lord Airedale, Royal Naval Reserve, †29/11/1916, Son of Robert Wilson, and the late Mary Wilson; husband of Minnie Wilson, of 6, Willow Avenue, Convent Lane, Anlaby Rd., Hull, Memorial: Chatham Naval Memorial

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Deck Hand
Date Died
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Grimsby (Scartho Road) Cemetery, Lincolnshire, UK