Clarkson, Ernest

31 Jan 1922 At the time of this incident Russia had at the time an imposed three mile fishing limit. The Magneta while fishing nine miles from the N Russian coast near Harlov, was arrested by a Russian Gunboat for illegal fishing in Russian Territorial Waters. The commander of the Gunboat took 2 members of the crew off the Magneta and placed two of the gunboats crew aboard the trawler, this was to ensure the trawler followed the gunboat into port and did not make a run for it. The Magneta was escorted under arrest to an anchorage at Porchnika Bay, on her way into Murmansk, but during the night Hurricane conditions persued and the magneta was forced onto the rocks off the Russian coast, with the loss of all the Magneta`s crewmen and the two Russian sailors. The two crewmen who had been taken aboard the Gunboat were the only survivors from the Magneta. 3 of the bodies were immediately recovered from the vessel a further six bodies washed ashore in the comming days. The bodies were never returned to Hull and were buried In Murmansk by the Greek Orthodox Church. In the comming weeks there was much confusion about the identity of the 2 men that had been taken as hostages by the Russian Gunboat now been brought home by the Russian Steamer JACOB SVERDLOV . It was believed that one of them was the skipper and even as the surivors arrived at Paragon station Hull, families had to wait to see who got off the train to ascertain the identities of the two survivors. The British Government made representations for a claim for compensation in regards to the loss of the vessel and crew to the amount of £26,591. £21,000 of the claim was in respect to the loss of the vessel and £5,591 to be allocated to the bereaved families and 2 surviving fishermen. The Russian Governments repudiation of the claim and any acceptance of liability would last for several years. But by December of 1922 a British warship was sent to protect the British fishing vessels around the Russian coast almost 1,400 miles from Hull.
CREW LOST ON MAGNETA (H354), wrecked, off Murmansk, under Russian arrest, 1st February, 1922.
CLARKSON, Ernest (-), 8 Herbert’s-Terrace, Brighton Street, Hull. Bosun
EDWARDS, H. (-), Aberdeen address not traced, Cook
HILL, George (34), 42 Waverley Street, Hull. Chief Engineer
IVES, Albert (-), 8 Fern-Grove, Division Road, Hull. Skipper
IVES, William (-), 8 Welton-ter, Wassand Street, Hull. 3rd/Hand
NEWBY, Frederick (32), St. George’s Grove, Woodcock Street, Hull. 2nd/Engineer
NEWBY, Lorenzo (21), 4 Victoria-Terrace, Woodcock Street, Hull. Trimmer
NURSE, Cyril (17), 119 Linnaeus Street, Hull. Decky-learner

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Murmansk New British Cemetery, Russian Federation