Clubley, Iris

Patrington WW1 Memorial Tablet, St Patrick’s Church, Patrington. 111 men served and 24 died in WW1

Born Kilnsea, 29/12/1890. Son of Francis John Clubley (1848-1933) and Fanny Melinda Billany (1851-1943), of Greenland, Patrington, Hull. He had five brothers and one sister.

Joined the Royal Navy, on 28/11/1910. Served as Stoker, 1st Class, lost when HMS “Hawke” was torpedoed in the North Sea, on 15/10/1914, aged 24. He is commeorated on the Chatham Naval Memorial, the Patrington ww1 Memorial and the ww1 Memorial tablet at St Patrick’s Church, Patrington.

The British warship HMS Hawke was sunk off the north-east coast of Scotland by a U-Boat on 15 October 1914. The ship’s magazine was hit by a torpedo from the German U-Boat U9 and sank within eight minutes with the loss of 524 men – only seventy of the crew survived.

HMS Hawke was built at the Chatham Dockyard and launched in 1891. She was an Edgar-class protected cruiser that saw service as a troopship in the Mediterranean, transporting Greek servicemen and later hit the headlines when she was involved in a serious collision with the passenger liner Olympic in 1911, which ripped open her prow.

First name:
Military Number:
Stoker, 1st Class
Date Died
Place died:
Chatham Naval Memorial, Kent, UK
Greenland, Patrington, Hull, UK