Nimbley, Thomas

SS Vasco, built by Furness, Withy & Co. Ltd., West Hartlepool in 1895 and owned at the time of her loss by T. Wilson, Sons & Co. Ltd., Hull, was a British steamer of 1.914 tons. 280x40x19.2 feet; 188 n.h.p. triple expansion engine. On November 16th, 1916, Vasco, on a voyage from Hull to Naples with general cargo, was sunk by a mine from the German submarine UC-16 (Egon von Werner), 10 miles WxS of Beachy Head. 17 persons were lost.
1. BRIDEGROOM, GEORGE WILLIAM (44), of 7, Wilberforce Grove, Northumberland Avenue, Hull. Born at Hull, Memorial: Tower Hill Memorial
2. BROOKS , Ordinary Seaman, SS Vasco, Mercantile Marine, †16/11/1916,
3. BURTON, JOHN HENRY (18), of 36, Goulton St., Hull, Memorial: Tower Hill Memorial
4. COOPER, LEONARD WILLIAM (52), Third Engineer, of 8, Byron St., Westcott St., Hull. Born at Leeds, Memorial: Bexhill Cemetery
5. COOPER, LEONARD WILLIAM (34), Sailor, of 182, Mersey St., Hull. Born at Hull,
6. COULTER, WILLIAM ALEX (24), Able Seamanof 11, Aitkenhead Rd., Glasgow,
7. DONALDSON, WILLIAM (45), Master, of 98 De La Pole Avenue, Anlaby Road, Hull.
8. FOSTER, ROBERT HENRY (23), Able Seaman, of 10A, Brighton St., Hessle Rd.,
9. FRENCH (36), Fireman, Born at Nottingham, Memorial: Tower Hill Memorial
10. JOHNSON, JOHN WILLIAM (46), Donkeyman, of 15, Stanley St., Railway Rd., King’s Lynn, Memorial: Frinton-On-Sea (St. Mary) Churchyard
11. LAWTON (41), Ship’s Cook, SS Vasco, Mercantile Marine, †16/11/1916, Born at Hull,
12. MADSEN, NEILS (23), Fireman, Born in Denmark, Memorial: Tower Hill Memorial
13. NIMBLEY (20), Fireman, SS Vasco, Born at Lagos, Memorial: Tower Hill Memorial
14. PRESS, ALBERT REGINALD (30), Second Engineer, of 5, Ladygate, Beverley, Yorks. Born at Hull, Memorial: Bexhill Cemetery
15. RAMSEY (56), Chief Engineer, of 277, Boulevard, Hull. Born at Dundee, Tower Hill
16. TAGO, PRINCE (27), Fireman, Born at Accra, Memorial: Tower Hill Memorial
17. WOOD, JAMES WILLIAM (49), Able Seaman, , of 10, Division Rd., Hull.

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