Ramsey, William Robertson

Born Dundee, Scotland, 03/12/1861. Son of James Ramsey and Elizabeth Robertson.  He married Margaret Ramsay, at Dundee, on 03/06/1889. He moved to Hull and worked 32 years for Hull’s, Wilson Line and became the Chief Engineer of the S/S “Marengo”. During the war, he served in the Merchant Navy.

He died on the voyage between Hull and New York, on 22/11/1916, aged 55. He left a widow, daughter and son, who served as Sergeant in the Royal Army Medical Corps. His home address was 63 Hawthorne Avenue (Probate Address). He was highly respected by all who knew him. His death was reported in the Hull daily Mail, on 09/02/1917.

He left £464 in his will to Margaret Ramsey.

First name:
William Roberson
Chief Engineer
Date Died
63 Hawthorne Avenue, hull