Hull Streets

Abbey terrace, Wassand street
Abercrombie terrace, Campbell street
Aberdeen avenue, Kimberley street
Aberdeen terrace, West Dock avenue
Abraham’s buildings, Wincolmlee
Ada’s avenue, Kimberley street
Ada’s avenue, Waterloo street
Ada’s place, Middle street
Ada’s terrace, St. Paul street
Ada’s terrace, Seaton street
Ada’s terrace, Sutton street
Ada’s terrace, Walton street
Adderbury crescent, Adderbury grove
Adelaide court, Scott street
Adelaide place, Adelaide street
Adelaide’s place, Oxford street
Adelaide terrace, Anlaby road
Adelphi court, George yard
Admiral place, Vincent street
Agnes place, Myton street
Agnes place, Pease street
Airdale terrace, Staniforth place
Aitkin’s court, Salthouse lane
Aitkin’s place, Mytongate
Albany terrace, Anlaby road
Albany terrace, Liverpool street
Albany terrace, Williamson street
Albemarle terrace, Anlaby road
Albert avenue, Mayfield street
Albert avenue, Vauxhall grove
Albert chambers, Carr lane
Albert cottage, Anlaby road
Albert crescent, Beaconsfield street
Albert Dock terrace, Bean street
Albert house, Pearson’s park
Albert place, Beeton street
Albert place, Walker street
Albert place, York street
Albert square, Ella street
Albert street, Jackson street
Albert street, Great Union street
Albert terrace, Alexandra street
Albert terrace, Anlaby road
Albert terrace, Bean street
Albert terrace, East street
Albert terrace, Giilett street
Albert terrace, Green lane
Albert terrace, Norwood terrace
Albert terrace, Nornabell street
Albert terrace, Pease street
Albert terrace, Spring street
Albert terrace, Staniforth place
Albert terrace, Terry street
Albert terrace, Vauxhall grove
Albert terrace, Waterloo street
Albert villas, Albert avenue
Albert villas, Boulevard north
Alberta’s terrace, Parrott street
Albion buildings, Edward’s place
Albion buildings, Great Thornton street
Albion buildings, York street
Albion parade, Holderness road
Albion place, Humber street
Albion place, West street
Albion place, William street
Albion place, York street
Albion terrace, Walmsley street
Alcove, Upper Union street
Aldbro’ villa, Marlbro’ avenue
Alexander avenue, Mayfield street
Alexander’s square, North street
Alexandra avenue, Arundell street
Alexandra avenue, Bridlington street
Alexandra avenue, Grange street
Alexandra avenue, Lee-Smith street
Alexandra buildings, Holderness road
Alexandra buildings, Humber street
Alexandra chambers, Castle street
Alexandra crescent, Alexandra road
Alexandra dock, Hedon road
Alexandra terrace, Adelaide street
Alexandra terrace, Barnsley street
Alexandra terrace, Bean street
Alexandra terrace, Buckingham street
Alexandra terrace, De-la-Pole street
Alexandra terrace, Londesbro’ street
Alexandra terrace, Pease street
Alexandra terrace, Vauxhall grove
Alexandra terrace, Woodhouse street
Alexandra terrace, Wyke street
Alexandria terrace, Crowle street
Alfred terrace, Daltry street
Alfred terrace, Pulman street
Alfred terrace, Vauxhall grove
Alfred’s place, Alfred street
Alice’s buildings, James street
Alice’s place, Reform street
Alice’s terrace, Hedon road
Alice’s terrace, Norwood street
Alice’s terrace, Pelham street
Alicia court, Alicia street
Allison terrace, Walker street
Alma avenue, Woodcock street
Alma place, Campbell street
Alma terrace, Eton street
Alma terrace, Hodgson street
Alma terrace, Marmaduke street
Alpha terrace, Glass House row
Alton place, Bright street
Amelia’s place, Starch House lane
Amity court, North street
Amity place, Waverley street
Amy’s crescent, Somerscales street
Andrew Marvel terrace, Campbell street
Andrew Marvel terrace, Wassand street
Andrew Marvel terrace, Wyke street
Angelo terrace, Arundell street
Angelo terrace, Eton street
Ann Elizabeth’s place, Adelaide street
Ann Maria’s place, Osborne street
Anna’s place, Wincolmlee
Annie’s grove, Scarbro’ street
Annie’s terrace, Alexandra road
Annie’s terrace, Clifton street
Annie’s terrace, Rosamond street
Annie’s terrace, South parade
Annie’s terrace, Wailer street
Ann’s buildings, South parade
Ann’s court, Cottage row
Ann’s court, Hodgson street
Ann’s place, Alfred street
Ann’s place, Booth street
Ann’s place, Chapman street
Ann’s place, Charles street
Ann’s place, Collier street
Ann’s place, Cottingham terrace
Ann’s place, Dansom lane
Ann’s place, Francis street E.
Ann’s place, Jane street
Ann’s place, Little Queen street
Ann’s place, Marlbro’ crescent
Ann’s place, Michael street
Ann’s place, New George street
Ann’s place, Osborne street
Ann’s place, Oxford street
Ann’s place, Porter street
Ann’s place, Spencer street
Ann’s place, Sykes street
Ann’s place, Walker street
Ann’s terrace, Campbell street
Ann’s terrace, Manchester street
Ann’s terrace, Parrott street
Ansley terrace, Spyvee street
Anthony’s place, Walker street
Anvil place, East cheap
Anvil’s terrace, Spring street
Appleby terrace, St. Paul street
Appleby’s court, Hodgson street
Appleyard’s buildings, Osborne street
Argyle terrace, Argyle street
Argyle terrace, Holderness road
Argyle terrace, Terry street
Argyle terrace, No. 2, Glllett street
Ark crescent, Williamson street
Ark terrace, Rosamond street
Arkona terrace, Churchill street
Arlington terrace, Clifton street
Arnett’s place, North street
Arnold crescent, Arnold street
Arthur villas, Arthur street
Arthur’s buildings, Mill street
Arthur’s grove, Manchester street
Arthur’s place, West street
Arthur’s terrace, Arthur street
Arthur’s terrace, Barnsley street
Arthur’s terrace, Massey street
Arthur’s terrace, St. Paul street
Arthur’s terrace, Walcott street
Arthur’s terrace, Wassand street
Arthur’s terrace, Waterloo street
Arthur’s terrace, Wellington lane
Arundell terrace, Arundell street
Ash grove, Abbey street
Ash grove, Arundell street
Ash grove, Beech street
Ash grove, Dalton street
Ash grove, Eastbourne street
Ash grove, Epworth street
Ash grove, Park road
Ash grove, Wilmington
Ashbourne terrace, West parade
Ashley street, Chalk lane
Ashley’s villas, Chalk lane
Ashton court, Waltham street
Aspen avenue, Symons street
Assinder grove, Wyke street
Atkin’s place, Edward street
Auckland terrace, Gillett street
Aurora street, Great Union street
Austin terrace, Merricks street
Austin terrace, Warwick street
Austrian chambers, Humber Dock street
Avelo terrace, Arundell street
Avenue crescent (The), Park street
Azov buildings, 5 High street
Baccaara lane, George street
Back houses, George street
Back square, Duke street
Bainton’s terrace, Gillett street
Bakehouse entry, Burton street
Baker’s buildings, Osborne street
Baker’s entry, High street
Balderson’s buildings, Liverpool street
Balmoral terrace, Anlaby road
Balmoral terrace, Bean street
Baltic buildings, High street
Bangor place, Walker street
Bank buildings, Silver street
Bank chambers, Land of Green Ginger
Bank chambers, Scale lane
Bank chambers, Trinity House lane
Bank’s court, Blackfriargate
Bank’s court, Dagger lane
Bank’s place, Waverley street
Barber’s yard, Collier street
Barker court, Blanket row
Barker’s buildings, Myton street
Barker’s entry, High street
Barker’s square, Spencer street
Barmston drain, Northumberland avenue
Barmston terrace, Barmston street
Barnes terrace, Churchill street
Barnsley terrace, Woodhouse street
Barnsley villas, Grange street
Barrel court, Edgar street
Barrick place, High street
Barton avenue, Dansom lane
Barton terrace, Manchester street
Barton terrace, Stanley street
Bates terrace, West parade
Bath place, Cottingham place
Beadle terrace, Little Goodwin street
Beaufort terrace, Campbell street
Beaumont arcade, Beverley road
Beaumont avenue, St. George’s road
Beaumont terrace, Beaumont street
Beaumont terrace, Pelham street
Bedford row, Stepney lane
Bedford street, Wilmington
Beech avenue, Beech street
Beech avenue, Convent lane
Beech grove, Arundell street
Beech grove, Beverley road
Beech grove, Dalton street
Beech grove, Prince’s road
Beech grove, Wilmington
Beecroft terrace, Walton street
Beecroft’s terrace, Bean street
Beetle’s place, Hodge street
Beeton’s place, High street
Beets court, Blanket row
Belgrave terrace, Eton street
Belgrave terrace, Rosamond street
Bellamy’s square, Mill street
Belle Vue crescent, Londesboro’ street
Belle Vue crescent, Strickland street
Belle Vue grove, Beeton street
Belle Vue terrace, Alexandra street
Belle Vue terrace, Walcott street
Bell’s place, Blackfriargate
Bell’s terrace, Goodwin street
Belt’s place, Humber street
Ben Vista avenue, Woodcock street
Benjamin terrace, Dalton street
Berkeley terrace, Convent lane
Berkeley terrace, Buckingham street
Bessemer terrace, Lorne street
Beta villas, Mayfield street
Bethel court, Dock street
Bethel place, Witham
Betsey’s place, Reform street
Beulah grove, Woodhouse street
Beulah place, Leonard street
Bickerton’s buildings, William street
Bickleigh villas, Prince’s avenue
Bielby’s square, North street
Billingsgate, St. Andrew’s dock
Bilsby terrace, Durham street
Bishop lane Staithway, High street
Black Swan yard, Mytongate
Blackfriargate staithway, High street
Blaides staith, High street
Blakeston’s buildings, Spencer street
Blanche terrace, Constable street
Blenheim terrace, Norfolk street and Marlbro’ terrace
Blenkin’s place, Waller street
Block Mill yard, Holderness road
Blucher terrace, Waterloo street
Blue Bell entry, High street
Blue Bell entry, West street
Blue Bell yard, Market place
Blue Bell yard, Thomas street
Blue Bell yard, Waterworks street
Blue Bell yard, Witham
Blue House yard, Great Passage street
Blundell terrace, Blundell street
Bogg’s buildings, West street
Bohemia terrace, Finsbury street
Bolton square, Manor alley
Bolton’s square, Machell street
Bolton’s terrace, Hotham street
Bonas entry, Trippett street
Bonfleld terrace, Walcott street
Botanic avenue, Cave street
Botanic terrace, Convent lane
Botanic terrace, Staniforth place
Botanic view, Spring bank
Boulevard crescent, Boulevard N.
Boulevard terrace, Anlaby road
Bowdon view, Newland park
Bowe’s terrace, St. Paul street
Bowe’s terrace, Waterloo street
Bowlby’s row, Stoneferry
Bowlby’s square, Aldbro’ street
Bowling Green passage, Waltham street
Bowling avenue, Kimberley street
Boxwood avenue, Lee Smith street
Boynton’s place, Osborne street
Braemar terrace, Walcott street
Braidwood place, Bright street
Bramham avenue, Woodhouse street
Bramwell terrace, Grey street
Bridlington avenue, Bridlington street
Brigham terrace, Adelaide street
Bright terrace, Bright street
Brighton terrace, Bright street
Brighton terrace, Brighton street
Brighton terrace, Cumberland street
Brighton terrace, Kent street
Brighton terrace, Sculcoates lane
Brightside avenue, Waterloo street
Britannia passage, Air street
Britannia place, Porter street
Broad entry, Scale lane
Bromley terrace, Swann street
Brompton terrace, Park road
Brook’s court, Brook street
Brooklands, Cottingham road
Brooklyn villas, Stanley street
Brookside villas, Stanley street
Brookside, Newland park
Brookside villas, Grange street
Brown’s court, Cleveland street
Brown’s court, Jenning street
Brown’s entry, High street
Brown’s place, Norfolk street
Brown’s place, Porter street
Brown’s place, Scott street
Brown’s square, Francis street E.
Brumsby terrace, Woodhouse street
Brunnanburgh terrace, Finsbury street
Brunswick arcade, Beverley road
Brunswick avenue, Liverpool street
Brunswick chambers, Dock street
Brunswick place, Adelaide street
Brunswick place, Ropery street
Brunswick terrace, Bright street
Brunswick terrace, Durham street
Brunswick terrace, Grosvenor street
Bryant’s court, High street
Buckingham crescent, Buckingham street
Buckingham terrace, Adelaide street
Buckingham terrace, Buckingham street
Builder’s court, Scale lane
Burleigh place, Providence row
Burlington buildings, Bridge street
Burnett avenue, Scale lane and High street
Burnham’s square, Roper street
Burns entry, Market place
Buxton terrace, Daltry street
Cambridge terrace, Cambridge street
Cambridge terrace, Wawne street
Campbell’s place, Alicia street
Campbell terrace, Campbell ttreet
Campbell terrace, Rodney street
Cannon passage, Drainside
Cannon place, Cannon street
Canton place, Anlaby road
Canton place, Francis street E.
Canton place, South street
Carlisle grove, Northumberland avenue
Carlisle square, Carlisle street
Carlisle terrace, Ferries street
Carlton terrace, Boulevard
Carlton terrace, Carlton street
Carlton terrace, Durham street
Carlton terrace, Providence row
Carlton terrace, Seaton street
Carlton villas, Boulevard
Carnarvon terrace, West parade
Caroline place, Salthouse lane
Carter’s place, Middle street
Carter’s yard, Salthouse lane
Catherine terrace, Mason street
Cato terrace, Arundell street
Cato terrace, Lorne street
Catterson’s entry, Lowgate
Castle Street chambers, Castle street
Cattle’s place, Spencer street
Cave terrace, Cave street
Cave terrace, Wassand street
Cavill terrace, Bean street
Cedar grove, Arundell street
Cedar grove, Eastbourne street
Cemetery lane, Hessle road
Chaffer’s alley, Witham
Chaffer’s place, Strawberry street
Chambers’ entry, High street
Chancery buildings, Manor street
Chapel court, Fish street
Chapel court, Hodgson street
Chapel court, Mason street
Chapel court, Mytongate
Chapel court, Osborne street
Chapel court, Salthouse lane
Chapel court, Sykes street
Chapel entry, West street
Chapel lane Staithway, High street
Chapel place, Scott street
Chapel terrace, Bean street
Chapel terrace, Campbell street
Chapel terrace, Carlton street
Chapel terrace, Hessle road
Charles avenue, Kent street
Charles place, Alfred street
Charles place, Cottingham place
Charles place, Marlborough crescent
Charles place, Mason street
Charles place, Reform street
Charles place, West street
Charles square, Wincolmlee
Charles terrace, Courtney street
Charles terrace, Derby street
Charlotte’s place, Adelaide street
Charlotte terrace, Beeton street
Charlotte’s buildings, South parade
Charlotte’s terrace, Clarendon street
Charlotte’s terrace, Waterloo street
Charlotte’s terrace, Westbourne street
Chatham place, Adelaide street
Chester terrace, Craven street
Chestnut avenue, Buckingham street
Chestnut avenue, De Grey street
Chestnut avenue, Queen’s road
Chestnut grove, Park road
Chestnut villas, Holderness road
China place, York street
Christie’s yard, Mytongate
Churchill grove, Alexandra road
Church lane Staithway, High street
Church row, Cleveland street
Church terrace, St. Paul street
Cicero terrace, Swann street
Clapperson square, Bourne street
Clappison square, Marvel street
Clara’s terrace, West parade
Claremont avenue, Beecroft street
Claremont terrace, 151 Beverley road
Claremont terrace, Day street
Claremont avenue, Field street
Clarence avenue, Kent street
Clarence avenue, Wyndham st
Clarence court, Clifford street
Clarence place, Portland street
Clarence terrace, Bedford street
Clarendon avenue, Bright street
Clarendon terrace, Alexandra street
Clarendon terrace, Clarendon street
Clark place, Alfred street
Clark’s buildings, Waltham street
Clark’s square, Sykes street
Clarkson’s buildings, Alfred street
Claude terrace, Seaton street
Clean alley, Witham
Cleaver’s place, Alicia street
Clement villa, Holderness road
Cleveland terrace, Walcott street
Cliff terrace, Grange street
Clifford terrace, Bean street
Clifton avenue, Clifton street
Clifton terrace, Bright street
Clifton terrace, Cllfton street
Clifton terrace, Craven street
Clifton terrace, Day street
Clifton villas, Boulevard north
Clinton terrace, Lorne street
Clio avenue, Arundell street
Clio terrace, Weetmoreland street
Clive terrace, Lincoln street
Clyde terrace, Anlaby road
Clyde terrace, Bean street
Clyde terrace, Clifton terrace, Adelaide street
Clyde terrace, Goodwin street
Clyde terrace, Sitwell street
Coach & Horses yard, Mytongate
Coates’ buildings, Paisley street
Cobden place, Norfolk street
Cobden place, Porter street
Cobden place, Worsley street
Cobden terrace, Bright street
Cobden terrace, Terry street
Coburg terrace, Anlaby road
Coelus street, Great Union street
Cogan chambers, Bowlalley lane
College gardens, 48 Beverley road
College terrace, Blundell street
Colliers buildings, Walton street
Collingwood terrace, Clarendon street
Collin’s court, North street
Colonial chambers, Prince’s Dock street
Columbine terrace, Strickland street
Commerce lane, Edgar street
Commerce lane, Hessle road
Commercial buildings, Waverley street
Commercial chambers, Lowgate
Commercial chambers, Prince’s Dock street
Commercial court, High street
Compton court, Fawcitt street
Concord place, Adelaide street
Conference place, Great Thornton street
Conservancy buildings, Whitefriargate
Constable’s buildings, English street
Conway terrace, Strickland street
Cookman’s entry, Market place
Cook’s buildings, Bowlalley lane and Broadley street
Cook’s place, Hodgson street
Cooper street, Green lane
Cooper’s place, Waller street
Corn Exchange, High street
Cornwall street, Wilmington
Cottage place, Moxon street
Cottage row, Anlaby road
Cottage row, Great Thornton street
Cottage row, Green lane
Cottage row, Short street
Cottingham drain, Stepney lane
Cottingham place, Drainside, Charles street
Cottingham terrace, Christopher street
County buildings, Land of Green Ginger
Coupland terrace, Sculcoates lane
Cracroft’s terrace, Nornabell street
Cragg’s court, Paradise row
Cranbourne terrace, Regent street
Cranbourne terrace, Spyvee street
Cranbourne terrace, Williamson street
Craven terrace, Gillett street
Cremorne terrace, Buckingham street
Cremorne terrace, South parade
Crescent place, Walker street
Crescent villa, Holderness road
Crompton terrace, Norwood street
Cromwell terrace, Cromwell street
Cromwell terrace, Boulevard
Cromwell terrace, West parade
Crossley terrace, Norwood street
Crowle avenue, Wyke street
Crowle street, Wyke street
Crown court, Dock street
Crown court, George street
Crown place, Wassand street
Crown terrace, Anlaby road
Crown terrace, Walcott street
Crowther’s buildings, South parade
Crystal avenue, Chalk lane
Crystal avenue, Middleton street
Crystal avenue, Massey street
Crystal avenue, South parade
Crystal avenue, Wharram street
Crystal avenue, Wyndham street
Crystal terrace, Cave street
Crystal terrace, Courtney street
Crystal terrace, Sutton street
Cumberland place, Cumberland street
Cumberland terrace, Anlaby road
Cummins’ buildings, Porter street
Custom House buildings, Whitefriargate
Cuthbert street, Great Union street
Cyprus terrace, Chalk lane
Cyprus terrace, Craven street
Cyprus walk, Alexandra street
Dales terrace, Beaumont street
Dales terrace, Peiham street
Dalton street, Wilmington
Dalton terrace, Walton street
Daltry’s entry, Mytongate
Damaris square, Garden street
Danesbury avenue, Arundell street
Daniel’s place, Paradise row
Danish buildings, 45-46 High street
Darley place, William street
Darley’s court, New George street
David’s terrace, Massey street
David’s terrace, Spyvee street
Dawson’s terrace, Emily street
Dean terrace, Hopwood street
Deddington chambers, Bowlalley lane
De Grey terrace, Goulton street
De Grey terrace, Ripon street
De Grey terrace, Anlaby road
De Grey terrace, Lorne street
De-la-Pole buildings, High street
De-la-Pole court, Charterhouse lane
De-la-Pole terrace, Bean street
De-la-Pole terrace, Gillett street
De-la-Pole terrace, Symon’s street
Deighton terrace, Porter street
Deighton’s place, Cottingham place
Derby avenue, Bright street
Derby terrace, Clarendon street
Derby terrace, Hodgson street
Derby terrace, Market place
Derby’s court, Scott street
Derwent grove, Prince’s road
Derwent terrace, Lansdowne street
Devon avenue, Gillett street
Devon avenue, St. Paul street
Devon terrace, Burleigh street
Dibb’s buildings, Paragon street
Dibb’s entry, Mytongate
Dibb’s place, York street
Dickon’s place, Myton place
Dickon’s square, Myton street
Dickon’s entry, Grimsby lane
Dinsdale square, New George street
Dixon’s entry, Lowgate
Dock Office chambers, Cross street
Donald’s terrace, Vauxhall grove
Dorset gardens, Brunswick avenua, Beverley road
Dorset terrace, Burleigh street
Dovener’s villas, Chalk lane
Dover terrace, Norwood street
Drant’s court, Myton street
Drewton terrace, Buckingham street
Druid’s court, Aldbro’ street
Drury’s buildings, Waverley street
Dryden’s entry, Salthouse lane
Drypool, Hedon road
Drypool bridge, Clarence street
Drypool green, Great Union street
Ducket’s yard, 136 High street
Dudley avenue, Mayfield street
Dudley street, Hessle road
Duesbury terrace, Swann street
Duffin’s place, Roper street
Duke terrace, Marmaduke street
Duke terrace, South parade
Dulcia’s terrace, Brighton street
Duncan street, Jenning street
Duncan’s place, Manor street and Parliament street
Durban terrace, Kimberley street
Durham row, Durham street
Durham terrace, Hodgson street
Durham terrace, Holderness road
Durham villa, Holderness road
Eagle terrace, Cleveland street
Eagle terrace, Lime street
Eagle terrace, West parade
Eagle wharf, Lime street
Earle terrace, Wilmington
East court, East street
East Dock terrace, Lee-Smith street
East Holme house, Prince’s avenue
East parade, Holderness road
East Park villas, Holderness road
Eastbourne villas, Eastbourne street
Eastbourne villas, Holderness road
Eastbourne villas, Pearson’s park
Easterby’s yard, Church lane
Eastfield avenue, Middleton street
Ebenezer place, Cumberland street
Ebenezer place, Spencer street
Ebenezer place, Walker street
Ebenezer terrace, Cheapside
Ebenezer terrace, Clarendon street
Ebenezer terrace, Lee-Smith street
Ebenezer terrace, Symon’s street
Ebenezer terrace, West Dock avenue
Ebor avenue, Middleton street
Ebor chambers, High street
Ebor place, Porter street
Ebor place, Portland street
Ebor terrace, Hodgson terrace
Ebor terrace, Norwood street
Edgar terrace, Arundell street
Edith terrace, Symons street
Edith villas, Regent street
Edith’s avenue, St. Hilda street
Edom villas, Mayfield street
Edward’s avenue, Buckingham street
Edward’s place, Edward street
Edward’s place, Oxford street
Edward’s place, Vincent street
Edward’s square, Edward’s place
Edward’s terrace, Massey street
Edward’s terrace, Scarborough street
Edward’s terrace, Waterloo street
Edwin terrace, Strickland street
Edwin’s place, Porter street
Edwin’s terrace, Bean street
Edwin’s terrace, Kent street
Elder grove, Blake street
Eldon grove, Granville street
Eldorado avenue, Arundell street
Eleanor’s terrace, Oxford street
Elgin terrace, Bean street
Elgin villas, Anlaby road
Ellen’s place, St. James square
Ellis terrace, Holderness road
Ellis terrace, Wassand street
Eliza’s place, Canning street
Eliza’s place, Jane street
Eliza’s place, Michael street
Eliza’s place, Walker street
Eliza’s terrace, Campbell street
Eliza’s terrace, West parade
Elizabeth place, Fawcett street
Elizabeth square, Great Union street
Elizabeth square, Reform street
Elizabeth’s place, Cannon street
Elizabeth’s place, English street
Elizabeth’s place, New George street
Elizabeth’s place, Porter street
Elizabeth’s place, Salthouse lane
Elizabeth’s row, Stoneferry
Elizabeth’s terrace, Barnsley street
Elizabeth’s terrace, Bean street
Elizabeth’s terrace, Cottingham place
Elizabeth’s terrace, Hodgson street
Elizabeth’s terrace, Manchester street
Elizabeth’s terrace, Spyvee street
Elizabeth’s terrace, Walcott street
Ella’s avenue, Waller street
Ellen’s terrace, Blundell street
Ellen’s terrace, Jackson street
Ellen’s terrace, Wellington lane
Ellis terrace, Arundell street
Ellis terrace, Holderness road
Ellis terrace, Wassand street
Elm avenue, South parade
Elm grove, Beech street
Elm terrace, Maribro’ terrace
Elm terrace, Park road
Elm terrace, Russell street
Elm villas, Pearson’s park
Elm Tree avenue, Park street
Elm Tree row, South parade
Elm Tree terrace, Anlaby road
Elm Tree Bank terrace, Clarendon street
Ely place, Witham
Ely terrace, Wassand street
Emerald terrace, Campbell street
Emerson’s buildings, Worsley street
Emily’s place, Brook street
Emily’s place, Osborne street
Emily’s terrace, Gillett street
Emily’s terrace, Massey street
Emily’s terrace, Strickland street
Emily’s terrace, Waterloo street
Emma’s buildings, Hill street
Emma’s buildings, Norfolk street
Emma’s court, Oxford street
Emma’s court, Temperance street
Emma’s court, Wincolmlee
Emma’s place, Swann street
Emma’s place, West street
Emma’s terrace, Alexandra street
Emma’s terrace, Barnsley street
Emma’s terrace, Marmaduke street
Emma’s terrace, Rosamond street
Emma’s terrace, Tomlinson street
Emma’s terrace, Windsor street
Emmeline terrace, St. Paul street
Empringham terrace, Wassand street
Empringham’s terrace, Daltry street
Engine’s place, Alfred street
English row, Stoneferry
Epping terrace, Rodney street
Epton villas, Park row
Epworth grove, Epworth street
Ermington villas, Beverley road
Ernest villas, Crowle street
Eshelby’s place, Swann street
Esther’s buildings, Osborne street
Ethel Mary’s terrace, Kent street
Ethel’s grove, Brighton street
Ethel’s grove, Liverpool street
Ethel’s terrace, Buckingham street
Ethel’s villas, Blake street
Etherington buildings, 50 High street
Etherington place, Air street
Eton terrace, Cambridge street
Eton terrace, Providence row
Etty’s grove, Wyndham street
Etty’s terrace, Strickland street
Eugenie terrace, Kent street
Eva terrace, Adelaide street
Evander terrace, Marlbro’ terrace
Everington place, Naylor’s row
Everthorpe cottages, Regent street
Exchange alley, Bowlalley lane
Exchange buildings, Bowlalley lane
Exchange buildings, Lowgate
Exeter buildings, Whitefriargate
Exmouth buildings, Queen street
Fairy terrace, Grange street
Faith terrace, Walker street
Fanny’s buildings, Adelaide street
Fanny’s place, Reform street
Fanny’s terrace, Clarendon street
Fanny’s terrace, Redbourne street
Farndale avenue, Craven street
Farnley square, Ella street
Farnley villas, Ella street
Fawcett terrace, Derby street
Fawcett’s terrace, Hessle road
Fawcitt place, Fawcitt street
Fawcitt square, Fawcitt street
Featherstone’s entry, High street
Fern avenue, Dansom lane
Fern avenue, York parade
Ferngrove, Cave street
Fern grove, Northumberland avenue
Fern grove, Wyndham street
Fern street, St. Paul street
Fern terrace, Rose street
Ferndale, Sherburn street
Ferndale villas, Anlaby road
Fewson’s terrace, Strickland street
Filey parade, Gillett street
Filey parade, Holderness road
Filey place, Blenheim terrace
Filey terrace, Courtney street
Fillingham’s buildings, William street
Finkle court, Finkle street
Finningley court, Blanket row
Finsbury grove, Providence row
Fisher’s buildings, High street
Fish Market hall, St. Andrew’s dock
Fish Street court, Fish street
Flambro’ avenue, Bridlington street
Flambro’ avenue, Middleton street
Flambro’ terrace, Seward street
Fleece Inn entry, Market place
Fleece Inn yard, High street
Fleming’s gallery, Smeaton street
Fletcher’s terrace, Bean street
Flixborough terrace, Terry street
Floral avenue, Kimberley street
Floral avenue, Massey street
Floral avenue, Wenlock street
Floral grove, Arundell street
Florence avenue, Arundell street
Florence avenue, Grange street
Florence avenue, Kimberley street
Florence avenue, Middleton street
Florence avenue, Prince’s road
Florence avenue, Queen’s road
Florence avenue, Somerscales street
Florence avenue, Woodhouse street
Florence grove, Liverpool street
Florence grove, Northumberland avenue
Florence grove, St. Hilda street
Florence place, Gibson street
Florence terrace, Villa place
Florence terrace, Walcott street
Florence terrace, Wassand street
Florence terrace, Waterloo street
Florence villas, Walton street
Flowers place, Charles street
Foster’s buildings, North street
Foster’s buildings, Spring street
Foster’s entry, Humber street
Fountain villas, Fountain road
Fox’s court, Davis street
Fox’s square, Little Albion street
Frances buildings, North street
Frances place, Waverley street
Frances terrace, Vauxhall grove
Francis place, Francis street east
Francis place, Wincolmlee
Francis terrace, Chiltern street
Francis terrace, Rodney street
Franklin terrace, Bean street
Frank’s place, Green lane
Frank’s place, Osborne street
Frank’s terrace, Finsbury street
Frank’s terrace, York parade
Fraternity buildings, Oxford street
Frederick terrace, St. Paul street
Frederick’s buildings, Hill street
Frederick’s place, Anne street
Frederick’s place, Great Thornton street
Frederick’s place, Lower Union street
Frederick’s place, Short street
Frederick’s terrace, Barnsley street
Frederick’s terrace, Nornabell street
Frederick’s terrace, St. Paul street
Frederick’s terrace, Strickland street
Frederika terrace, Anlaby road
Fred’s terrace, Finsbury street
Freehold terrace, Adelaide street
Freehold terrace, Courtney street
Freeman’s buildings, Hessle road
French chambers, Queen’s dock
Freshfield house, Anlaby road
Frith’s cottages, Portland street
Furniture place, Hill street
Garbutt’s row, Stoneferry
Garden court, Garden street
Garden court, Lime street
Garden place, Hodgson street
Garden place, Raikes street
Garden square, Princess street
Garden terrace, Courtney street
Gardener’s buildings, Walker street
Garden’s place, Sykes street
Gardner’s place, Great Thornton street
Garside’s buildings, Starch House lane
Garton’s place, Portland street
George street, Lime street
George’s entry, Cleveland street
George’s grove, Northumberland avenue
George’s place, Carr street
George’s place, Cleveland street
George’s place, Collier street
George’s place, Dock street
George’s place, Cumberland street
George’s place, Finkle street
George’s place, George street
George’s place, Little Passage street
George’s place, Lower Union street
George’s place, Mytongate
George’s place, Osborne street
George’s place, Reform street
George’s place, Upper Union street
George’s place, Waverley street
George’s place, William street
George’s place, Wincolmlee
George’s terrace, Blundell street
George’s terrace, Chiltern street
George’s terrace, Constable street
George’s terrace, Kent street
George’s terrace, St. Mark street
George’s terrace, Tadman street
Gertrude terrace, Courtney street
Gertrude terrace, Eton street
Gertrude’s place, Myton street
Gibson’s buildings, Salthouse lane
Gibson’s buildings, Waverley street
Gibson’s court, Manor alley
Gibson’s court, Manor street
Gibson’s court, Robinson row
Gibson’s court, Salthouse lane
Gibson’s terrace, Chiltern street
Giles’ court, St. Stephen’s square
Gilyard’s buildings, York street
Gladstone avenue, Beecroft street
Gladstone terrace, Courtney street
Gladstone terrace, St. Paul street
Glady’s terrace, Walcott street
Glass House row, Wilmington
Glen Helen cottages, Gordon street
Glenmore villas, Holderness road
Glenton place, Middle street
Globe court, High street
Gloster place, Adelaide street
Gloucester terrace, Grosvenor street
Gomersal’s terrace, Goodwin street
Goodrick terrace, Cave street
Good’s avenue, Buckingham street
Good’s place, Osborne street
Goodwin terrace, Day street
Goodwin terrace, Goodwin street
Gordon avenue, Eastbourne street
Gordon avenue, Waterloo street
Gordon avenue, Woodcock street
Gordon terrace, Buckingham street
Gore street, Citadel street
Goshen place, James street
Gough chambers, Savile street
Goulding place, Sykes street
Grafton terrace, Stoneferry road
Graham’s square, New George street
Grange terrace, Grange street
Grange villas, Grange street
Grant’s terrace, Scarbro’ street
Granville terrace, Anlaby road
Granville terrace, Bean street
Granville terrace, Beeton street
Granville terrace, 84 Beverley road
Granville terrace, Churchill street
Granville terrace, Lansdowne street
Granville terrace, Manchester street
Granville terrace, Strickland street
Granville villas, Anlaby road
Grapes passage, Fawcitt street
Grayson’s court, Blanket row
Greaves buildings, Fawcitt street
Greek street, Chalk lane
Green lane, Clough road
Green Bank terrace, Adelaide street
Green’s place, Machell street
Green’s place, Vincent street
Gregory’s buildings, Moxon street
Griffin’s court, English street
Grimston terrace, Clifton street
Grosvenor terrace, 93 Beverley road
Grosvenor terrace, Grosvenor street
Grove terrace, Courtney street
Grove terrace, Spyvee street
Guardian’s court, Finkle street
Habro’ cottages, Freehold street
Habro terrace, Freehold street
Haddon street, Chalk lane
Hales entry, High street
Hales entry, Market place
Haller street, Lee-Smith street
Hamburg chambers, High street
Hamer terrace, Manchester street
Hamilton place, Spencer street
Hampden terrace, Lockwood street
Hampden terrace, Seaton street
Hampden villas, Argyle street
Handley’s place, New King’s street
Hannah’s square, St. James square
Hannah’s terrace, Dalton street
Hannah’s terrace, St. Paul street
Hannah’s terrace, Spyvee street
Hannah’s terrace, Walmsley street
Hannan’s place, Osborne street
Harborn square, Wincolmlee
Harcourt terrace, Buckingham street
Harding’s square, New George street
Harold’s avenue, Buckingham street
Harold’s terrace, Scarbro’ terrace
Harold’s terrace, South parade
Harold’s terrace, Waller street
Harriet’s place, Garden street
Harriet’s place, Waverley street
Harriet’s square, Scott street
Harriet’s terrace, Bean street
Harriet’s terrace, Eastbourne street
Harrison’s buildings, Chapel lane
Harrow terrace, Harrow street
Harry’s place, Adelaide street
Harry’s terrace, Constable street
Harry’s terrace, Oxford street
Hart square, Church lane
Harwood place, English street
Harwood’s place, Air street
Hatfield terrace, Spring street
Hatter’s square, Queen street
Hatton terrace, Brighton street
Havelock terrace, Bean street
Havelock terrace, Dansom lane
Havelock terrace, Hessle road
Hawthorn terrace, Walcott street
Haye’s entry, Chapel lane
Helen’s terrace, Finsbury street
Helen’s terrace, Marmaduke street
Helen’s terrace, Strickland street
Hellard’s row, Naylor’s row
Hembrough buildings, New George street
Henry John’s place, Scott street
Henry’s arcade, Carr lane and South street
Henry’s buildings, Great Passage street
Henry’s buildings, William street
Henry’s place, Cumberland street
Henry’s place, Great Passage street
Henry’s place, Great Thornton street
Henry’s place, Spencer street
Henry’s place, Temperance street
Henry’s place, William street
Henry’s square, Cumberland street
Henry’s square, Lower Union street
Henry’s terrace, Campbell street
Henry’s terrace, Marmaduke street
Henry’s terrace, Rodney street
Henry’s terrace, Wassand street
Henry’s terrace, West parade
Herbert terrace, Marmaduke street
Herbert terrace, Regent street
Herbert terrace, Strickland street
Herbert terrace, Wassand street
Herbert’s avenue, Massey street
Herbert’s terrace, Barnsley street
Herbert’s terrace, South parade
Herbert’s terrace, Waller street
Hessle avenue, Dansom lane
Hessle avenue, Gillett street
Hessle common, Hessle road
Hessle place, Porter street
Hessle Road buildings, Waverley street
Hesslegate buildings, Humber Dock street
Hibb’s place, Osborne street
Hick’s court, Blackfriargate
Higson court, Blanket row
Hilda’s grove, Sculcoates lane
Hill’s court, Princess street
Hill’s terrace, West parade
Hilton’s yard, West street
Hippona’s court, Spencer street
Hodge’s yard, Holderness road
Hodgson square, Sykes street
Hodgson’s court, Hodgson street
Hodsman’s court, Adelaide street
Holborn terrace, Hodgson street
Holden’s terrace, High street
Holderness arcade, Witham
Holderness court, Witham
Holly grove, Woodcock street
Holly villas, Park avenue
Holmes buildings, South parade
Holmes court, Manor street
Holyrood villas, Williamson street
Hood street, Jenning street
Hop grove, Chestnut avenue
Hop villa, Cottingham road
Hope avenue, Cornwall street
Hope place, Porter street
Hope terrace, Carlton street
Hope terrace, Walker street
Hopp’s court, West street
Hopp’s terrace, St. Paul street
Horace avenue, Cave street
Homer’s square, Humber street
Hornsea parade, Holderness road
Horsham terrace, West parade
Hospital court, Chapel lane
Hotham grove, Hotham street
Howard’s row, Chapman street
Howe street, Jenning street
Hull place, Osborne street
Humber avenue, Scarborough street
Humber avenue, West Dock street
Humber chambers, Prince’s Dock street
Humber terrace, Holderness road
Humber terrace, Ripon street
Humber terrace, Strickland street
Hunter’s terrace, Liverpool street
Huntington’s Court, Whitefriargate
Hunt’s terrace, West parade
Hurrell’s yard, Moxon street
Hurtley’s cottages, Wilmington
Hussard’s yard, Salthouse lane
Hutchinson place, Hill street
Hyde Park terrace, Walcott street
Hymer’s grove, West parade
Ice House terrace, Cambridge street
Ice House yard, Collier street
Idoneus court, Upper Union street
Imperial arcade, Granville street
Imperial arcade, Walliker street
Imperial chambers, Bowlalley lane
Imperial terrace, Woodhouse street
Inchlawn avenue, Massey street
India chambers, Queen’s dock
Industrial terrace, Bean street
Ingram’s place, Porter street
Inverness buildings, Hill street
Ireland terrace, Gillett street
Ireland terrace, Walcott street
Irene’s avenue, Durham street
Irvin’s court, Roper street
Isabel chambers, Chapel lane
Isabella place, York street
Isabella terrace, Constable street
Isabella’s terrace, Clarendon street
Isabella’s terrace, Lorne street
Ivy cottages, Carlton street
Ivy cottages, Hodgson street
Ivy crescent, Spencer street
Ivy grove, Beech street
Ivy place, Hessle road
Ivy terrace, Constable street
Ivy terrace, Sutton street
Ivy villas, Holderness road
Ivy villas, Park grove
Jack’s passage, Church lane
Jackson’s place, North street
James court, Waterhouse lane
James place, Cleveland street
James place, Collier street
James place, Great Thornton street
James place, Land of Green Ginger
James place, Mason street
James place, Princess street
James place, Windsor street
James place, York street
James square, Hodgson street
James terrace, Clifton terrace, Adelaide street
James terrace, Durham street
James terrace, Spyvee street
James terrace, Walcott street
Jane’s buildings, Hill street
Jane’s place, Air street
Jane’s place, Francis street E.
Jane’s place, Jane street
Jane’s place, Porter street
Jane’s place, Trippett street
Jane’s terrace, Jane street
Jane’s terrace, Regent street
Jane’s terrace, St. Mark street
Jane’s tsrrace, Walcott street
Jarvis gallery, Francis street E.
Jarvis square, Bridge street
Jarvis street, Jenning street
Java terrace, Eton street
J.C.D. place, English street
Jeffrey’s place, Emily street
Jenning’s terrace, Stanley street
Jennison’s buildings, Merrick st
Jennison’s buildings, Warwick st
Jenson’s terrace, Studley street
Jepson place, Gibson street
Joel’s avenue, Hotham street
John William’s place, Waller street
John’s court, Oxford street
John’s court, Spencer street
John’s place, Adelaide street
John’s place, Blyth street
John’s place, Chapel street
John’s place, Chapman street
John’s place, Cumberland street
John’s place, Dansom lane
John’s place, Edward’s place
John’s place, English street
John’s place, Francis street E.
John’s place, Hedon road
John’s place, High street
John’s place, Michael street
John’s place, Moxon street
John’s place, Myton street
John’s place, Osborne street
John’s place, Raikes street
John’s place, Regent street
John’s place, Trippett street
John’s place, Waterhouse lane
John’s place, William street
John’s place, Wincolmlee
John’s place, York street
John’s square, New George street
John’s terrace, Arundell street
John’s terrace, Derby street
John’s terrace, Elm street
John’s terrace, Kent street
John’s terrace, Parrott street
John’s terrace, Redbourne street
John’s terrace, Spyvee street
John’s terrace, Walcott street
John’s terrace, Walmsley street
Johnson’s buildings, Vauxhall grove
Johnson’s place, Cannon street
Johnson’s place, Porter street
Johnson’s place, Spencer street
Johnson’s square, Lincoln street
Johnson’s square, New George street
Johnson’s square, Salthouse lane
Jordan’s avenue, Kimberley street
Josephine terrace, Bean street
Joseph’s place, Collier street
Joseph’s place, Francis street E.
Joseph’s place, Lower Union street
Joseph’s place, Myton street
Joseph’s place, Vauxhall grove
Joseph’s place, Waltham street
Joseph’s place, York street
Joseph’s square, Witham
Joseph’s terrace, Barnsley street
Joseph’s terrace, Campbell street
Joseph’s terrace, Day street
Joseph’s terrace, Spyvee street
Joy’s place, English street
Jubb’s place, Cleveland street
Jubb’s place, Pease street
Jubb’s place, Porter street
Jubilee avenue, Goulton street
Jubilee terrace, Grange street
Junction Dock terrace, Waterhouse lane
Junction terrace, Bright street
Kate’s cottages, Regent street
Kate’s terrace, Cave street
Kate’s terrace, Hodgson street
Kate’s terrace, Norwood street
Kate’s terrace, Rosamond street
Kate’s terrace, St. Paul street
Kate’s terrace, Sculcoates lane
Kate’s terrace, Wassand street
Kensington terrace, Grange street
Kent terrace, Burleigh street
Kent terrace, Hodgson street
Kent terrace, Kent street
Kerman’s yard, Holderness road
Keysell villa, Pearson’s park
Kimberley grove, Kimberley street
King William entry, Vicar lane
King’s buildings, New George street
King’s court, High street
King’s Cross terrace, Bean street
King’s place, Dock street
King’s square, Sykes street
King’s terrace, Terry street
Kingston avenue, Liverpool street
Kingston chambers, Prince’s Dock street
Kingston cottages, Brunswick avenue
Kingston court, Blanket row
Kingston court, Wincolmlee
Kingston gardens, Kingston street
Kingston grove, Granville street
Kingston place, Porter street
Kingston place, Witham
Kingston square, Air street
Kingston square, Moxon street
Kingston square, North street
Kingston terrace, Cumberland street
Kingston terrace, Hopwood street
Kingston terrace, St. Stephen’s square
Kingston terrace, Tomlinson street
Kingston villas, Pearson’s park
Kirkus buildings, Humber Dock street
Kirkus buildings, Sewer lane
Knowle’s square, Booth street
Lamb’s court, New George street
Langdale buildings, Beverley road
Lansdowne terrace, 42 Beverley road
Latrobe terrace, Regent street
Laural avenue, Wellsted street
Laural grove, Boulevard S.
Laural grove, Park road
Laural villas, Buckingham street
Laurance square, Cuthbert street
Lawford terrace, Dansom lane
Lawson court, Wincolmlee
Leadenhall square, Broadley street
Leed’s square, Mill street
Lee’s cottages, Wheeler street
Lee’s court, Great Passage street
Lee’s entry, High street
Lee’s entry, Posterngate
Leggitt’s gallery, Naylor’s row
Lendal terrace, Durham street
Leo avenue, Arundell street
Leo place, Cumberland street
Leo place, Wincolmlee
Leo terrace, Waterloo street
Lepanto avenue, Woodhouse street
Levitt’s place, Alicia street
Levitt’s square, Hodgson street
Lewis court, Burton street
Lewis place, Upper Union street
Lillian’s terrace, Barnsley street
Lillian’s terrace, Woodhouse street
Lillies avenue, Kent street
Lily grove, Londesbro’ street
Lily grove, Regent street
Lily’s avenue, Grange street
Lily’s terrace, Finsbury street
Lily’s terrace, Parrott street
Lily’s terrace, St. Paul street
Lily’s terrace, Spencer street
Lily’s terrace, Tomlinson street
Lime terrace, Crowle street
Lime terrace, Hodgson street
Lime terrace, Spyvee street
Lime Tree avenue, Alexandra road
Lime Tree avenue, Waterloo street
Lime Tree villas, Stoneferry
Lincoln terrace, Liddell street
Lincoln villas, Wyndham street
Lincolns Inn buildings, Bowlalley lane
Linden grove, Arundell street
Linden grove, Temple street
Linden villas, Park grove
Linden villas, Pearson’s park
Lingy terrace, Waterloo street
Linsley’s place, Alicia street
Linwood terrace, Dansom lane
Little Goodwin street, Goodwin street
Little Howard street, Chapman street
Little lane, Blackfriargate
Little lane, Humber street
Little Reed street, Reed street
Little’s terrace, Gillett street
Little Wyndham street, Wyndham street
Liverpool terrace, Liverpool street
Livingstone arcade, Anlaby road
Livingstone terrace, Anlaby road
Livingstone terrace, Symons street
Livingstone terrace, Walcott street
Locke’s place, Chapel lane
Locking’s buildings, North street
Lockwood terrace, Lockwood street
Lombard terrace, Williamson street
Londesbro’ terrace, Marmaduke street
Long entry, Salthouse lane
Lonsbro’ avenue, Wenlock street
Lonsdale villas, Anlaby road
Lorenzo terrace, Derby street
Lorne avenue, Waterloo street
Lorne terrace, Alexandra street
Lorne terrace, Holderness road
Lorne terrace, Lorne street
Lorne terrace, Spyvee street
Lorne terrace, Stanley street
Lorne terrace, Wyke street
Lorne villas, Vauxhall grove
Louis terrace, Hume street
Louisa terrace, St. George’s road
Louisa’s buildings, Norfolk street
Louisa’s place, English street
Louisa’s place, Myton street
Louisa’s terrace, Finsbury street
Louisa’s terrace, St. Paul street
Louise terrace, Alexandra street
Louise terrace, Blundell street
Lovaine terrace, Waterloo street
Lower Union court, Lower Union street
Lucas place, Adelaide street
Lucas square, Sykes street
Lucy’s place, Porter street
Luke’s square, New George street
Lumley’s place, Myton street
Lundy’s entry, Scott street
Lunham’s buildings, Osborne street
Luther’s terrace, Alexandra street
Luther’s terrace, Clarendon street
Lyme villa, Pearson’s park
Lyndhurst villas, Carew avenue
Mab’s entry, High street
Machell court, Machell street
Maister’s entry, Salthouse lane
Malabar terrace, Churchill street
Maltkiln entry, Blackfriargate
Malvern terrace, Gillett street
Manchester place, Waverley street
Manchester terrace, Hessle road
Manor House chambers, Broadley street
Manor square, Manor alley
Maple avenue, Convent lane
Marfleet avenue, Craven street
Marfleet terrace, Barnsley street
Marfleet terrace, Craven street
Margaret terrace, Wassand street
Margaret’s court, Garden street
Margaret’s place, North street
Marian villas, Chalk lane
Maria’s place, Porter street
Maria’s place, Wincolmlee
Marine parade, Spyvee street
Marine place, English street
Marine View terrace, Hedon road
Mariner’s court, Blackfriargate
Mariner’s court, Sykes street
Mariner’s place, Roper street
Marlborongh avenue, St. George’s road
Marlborough crescent, Marlborough terrace and Norfolk street
Marlborough gallery, Marlboro’ terrace
Marlborough grove, Marlborough terrace
Marlborough place, Marlborough terrace
Marlborough terrace, Boulevard S.
Marr terrace, Bean street
Marshall’s court, Scott street
Marshall’s court, Walker street
Marshall’s place, Mytongate
Martha’s terrace, Spencer street
Martin’s court, Temperance street
Marvel court, English street
Marvel court, Marvel street
Marvel place, Mason street
Marvel terrace, Chamber’s entry
Mary Ann’s place, Adelaide street
Mary Ann’s place, Gibson street
Mary Ann’s place, Hill street
Mary Ann’s place, Marlborough crescent
Mary Ann’s terrace, Sculcoates lane
Mary Ann’s terrace, Spyvee street
Mary Ellen’s terrace, St. Paul street
Mary Jane terrace, Providence row
Mary Jane’s place, Porter street
Mary’s and John’s place, Cumberland street
Mary’s cottages, Cottage row
Mary’s court, Lower Union street
Mary’s court, York street
Mary’s place, Canning street
Mary’s place, Craven street
Mary’s place, Dansom lane
Mary’s place, Great Thornton street
Mary’s place, Osborne street
Mary’s place, Portland street
Mary’s place, Ropery street
Mary’s place, York street
Mary’s square, New George street
Mary’s terrace, Alexandra street
Mary’s terrace, Manchester street
Mary’s terrace, Porter street
Mary’s terrace, Redbourne street
Mason’s terrace, Wellington lane
Mason’s view, Cumberland street
Maud parade, Carlton street
Maurice avenue, Londesbro’ street
Mawer’s terrace, Courtney street
Maxwell terrace, Maxwell street
May terrace, Lansdowne street
Mayfield avenue, Mayfield street
Mayfield walk, Mayfield street
Mayo terrace, Stanley street
Mechanic’s place, James street
Medley place, Medley street
Meggett’s buildings, George yard
Medley’s square, Great Union street
Melbourne grove, Wyndham street
Melrose avenue, Middleton street
Melrose avenue, Wenlock street
Meirose avenue, Wyndham street
Melrose terrace, South parade
Melton terrace, Eagle terrace
Melwood crescent, Melwood grove
Melwood grove, Beverley road
Melwood terrace, Beverley road
Menniel court, Alfred street
Mentone avenue, Arundeil street
Merrick terrace, Merrick street
Merrick terrace, Warwick street
Merritt’s buildings, Paisley street
Michael street, Porter street
Midgley terrace, Bean street
Milk street, Edward street
Mill court, Machell street
Mill lane, Hessle road
Mill yard, Convent lane
Mill yard, New George street
Mill yard, Salthouse lane
Miller’s terrace, Spyvee street
Milner’s place, North street
Milton square, Bourne street
Milton terrace, Anlaby road
Milton terrace, Boulevard
Milton terrace, Eton street
Minerva chambers, Minerva terrace
Minerva place, Cottingham place
Minerva place, Porter street
Minerva terrace, Adelaide street
Minerva terrace, Gibson street
Minerva terrace, Spring bank
Minerva terrace, Wassand street
Minnie’s avenue, Kimberley street
Minnie’s grove, Mayfield street
Minnie’s grove, Walton street
Minnie’s terrace, Rosamond street
Minnie’s terrace, Waller street
Model avenue, Temple street
Model dwellings, Midland street
Model houses, Holderness road
Model terrace, Beaumont street
Monmouth avenue, Blake street
Montrose avenue, Kimberley street
Montrose avenue, Middleton street
Montrose terrace, Stanley street
Monument bridge, Whitefriargate
Moorhead’s buildings, Great Thornton street
Moorhead’s buildings, Waverley street
Morley’s avenue, Sherburn street
Morning News yard, Whitefriargate
Morrell’s buildings, Villa place
Morton place, Machell street
Moss buildings, 28 Grimsby lane
Mount terrace, Hodgson street
Mountain place, Chariot street
Mowbray terrace, Symons street
Moxon square, Moxon street
Muirhead’s buildings, Upper Union street
Munroe’s square, Anne street
Murray’s place, Salthouse lane
Myrtle grove, Nornabell street
Myrtle villas, Holderness road
Myrtle villas, Spring bank
Myton court, Brook street
Myton court, Porter street
Myton square, Great Passage street
Nag’s Head Inn yard, High street
Nancy’s terrace, Stoneferry
Napier terrace, Norfolk street
Napoleon avenue, Kent street
Napoleon’s terrace, Waterloo street
Navigation court, Blanket row
Naylor’s place, West street
Nellie’s terrace, Gillett street
Nelson’s place, Cumberland street
Nelson square, New George street
Nelson street, Jenning street
Nelson terrace, Bean street
Nelson terrace, Nile street
Neptune place, Wincolmlee
Nero terrace, Arundell street
Nero terrace, Waterloo street
Nevada terrace, Blundell street
Neville’s terrace, Vauxhall grove
New buildings, Great Thornton street
New buildings, Walker street
New Cheapside, Cheapside
New Parade, Dansom lane
New Parade, Sutton bank
New Zealand terrace, Providence row
Newington avenue, Chalk lane
Newington farm, Anlaby road
Newington terrace, Anlaby road
Newington villas, Anlaby road
Newland estate, Newland avenue
Newland grove, Beverley road
Newland nursery, Cottingham road
Newland park, Cottingham road
Newland Tofts, Prince’s avenue
Newland Tofts, Victoria avenue
Newport terrace, Campbell street
Newton court, Aldboro’ street
Newton court, Machell street
Newton terrace, Hedon road
Newton terrace, Redbourne street
Newton’s buildings, Witham
Newton’s entry, Salthouse lane
Newton’s square, Collier street
Newtown, Hedon road
Nicholson’s square, Aldbro’ street
Nithsdale terrace, 86 Beverley road
Noll’s court, Alfred street
Norfolk place, Norfolk street
Norfolk terrace, Norfolk street
Normanby terrace, St. Paul street
Norman terrace, Kirkby street
Norman’s court, George street
Norman’s row, Little Goodwin street
Norman’s square, Stubbin street
Norman’s terrace, Campbell street
North bridge, Bridge street
North court, Charlotte street
North court, Dock street
North court, North street
North grove, Hinderwell street
North pavement, William street
North place, Stepney lane
North terrace, West Dock avenue
North view, Cottingham road
Norton terrace, Rodney street
Norton terrace, Waterloo street
Norway terrace, Lansdowne street
Norwood terrace, Green lane
Norwood terrace, Norwood street
Norwood terrace, Stanley street
No. 1 court, Hodgson street
Oak terrace, Swann street
Oakland’s avenue, Arundell street
Ocean place, Anlaby road
Ocean place, Waterloo street
Ocean terrace, Waverley street
Ockley terrace, West parade
Ogwin terrace, Strickland street
Old Corn Exchange passage, Market place
Old Exchange buildings, Lowgate
Old Rifle Barracks yard, Alfred street
Olive villas, Kimberley street
Oliver’s court, Trundle street
Olympic chambers, Land of Green Ginger
Open court, Adelaide street
Orchard view, Newland avenue
Ordnance place, Church street
Oriel chambers, High street
Oriental buildings, High street
Ounsworth place, Edgar street
Ouston’s Staithway, High street
Outram terrace, Rodney street
Owen’s court, New George street
Owen’s square, New George street
Oxford place, Caroline street
Oxford terrace, Cambridge street
Oxford terrace, Derby street
Oxford terrace, Hodgson street
Oxford terrace, Oxford street
Oxford terrace, Porter street
Oxford terrace, South parade
Oxford terrace, Wawne street
Oxford terrace, Williamson street
Page’s square, Dagger lane
Panama grove, St. Hilda street
Paradise court, Myton street
Paragon arcade, Paragon street
Paragon place, Sykes street
Paragon place, Temperance street
Paragon station & yard, Paragon street
Park avenue, Cave street
Park cottages, Cave street
Park crescent, 284 Beverley road
Park grove, Cave street
Park place, Marlbro’ terrace
Park Hotel yard, Beverley road
Park place, Naylor’s row
Park row, Walton street
Park square, Marlbro’ terrace
Park terrace, Alexandra street
Park terrace, Cave street
Park terrace, Seaton street
Park view, Sculcoates lane
Park villas, Park avenue
Parker’s buildings, Air street
Patti’s villas, Lee-Smith street
Paull terrace, Wassand street
Pearl avenue, Lorne street
Pearson’s buildings, Pelham street
Pearson’s terrace, Beaumont street
Pearson’s yard, North street
Pease’s place, Pease street
Peck’s terrace, Rodney street
Peel place, Peel street
Pelham terrace, Beaumont street
Pelham terrace, Pelham street
Pell’s terrace, Walker street
Pennell court, Spencer street
Penn’s buildings, Cleveland street
Penn’s buildings, Lime street
Penrose square, Short street
Penzance terrace, Providence row
Percy’s avenue, South parade
Percy cottages, Mayfield street
Percy cottages, Nornabell street
Perseverance place, Wood’s lane
Perseverance terrace, Fountain road
Perseverance terrace, Goulton street
Perseverance terrace, St. Luke street
Perseverance terrace, West Dock avenue
Pettingell terrace, Daltry street
Petty’s buildings, Goodwin street
Phoenix court, Waterloo street
Picturesque terrace, Manchester street
Picturesque terrace, Waterloo street
Pickwell court, Little Albion street
Pig alley, Humber street
Pilot Office entry (Hull), Humber street
Pilot Office entry, Pier street
Pinder square, Manor alley
Pine grove, Bellamy street
Pipemaker’s entry, Salthouse lane
Pitt’s terrace, Hotham street
Plato avenue, Woodhouse street
Plato terrace, Swann street
Pleasant court, Engilsh street
Pleasant place, Collier street
Pleasant place, English street
Pleasant place, Goodwin street
Pleasant place, Holderness road
Pleasant place, Marvel street
Pleasant place, Neptune street
Pleasant place, Norfolk street
Pleasant place, Short street
Pleasant place, Walker street
Pleasant terrace, Redbourne st
Plevna terrace, Blundell street
Pllmsoll terrace, Chapman street
Plummer’s buildings, Wincolmlee
Poplar buildings, Holderness road
Poplar grove, Buckingham street
Poplar grove, Cave street
Poplar grove, Derby street
Poplar grove, Nornabell street
Poplar grove, Northumberland avenue
Poplar grove, Woodcock street
Poplar parade, Waller street
Poplar terrace, Bean street
Poplar terrace, Convent lane
Poplar terrace, Rosamond street
Poplar terrace, Woodhouse street
Poplar villas, Marlbro’ avenue
Popple place, Popple street
Porter place, Porter street
Portland place, Vauxhall grove
Portland terrace, Courtney street
Portland terrace, Westbourne street
Ports place, Sykes street
Post Office entry, High street
Prague terrace, Beverley road
Primitive terrace, Walcott street
Primrose place, South street
Primrose row, Courtney street
Primrose villas, Beaconsfield street
Prince George’s yard, High street
Prince of Wales terrace, St. Luke street
Prince of Wales terrace, Staniforth place
Prince’s avenue, Massey street
Prince’s Dock chambers, Prince’s Dock street
Prince’s Dock offices, Prince’s Dock street
Prince’s row, Dock street
Prince’s square, High street
Prince’s terrace, Adelaide street
Prince’s terrace, West Dock avenue
Princess court, Princess street
Princess row, George street
Princess row, William street
Princess terrace, Alexandra street
Princess terrace, Elm street
Princess terrace, Rosamond street
Princess walk, Craven street
Printing House square, Whitefriargate
Prior street, Church street
Priory villas, Hessle road
Proctor’s place, New King street
Promenade place, Vane street
Proom entry, Posterngate
Prospect terrace, Carlton street
Providence avenue, Londesbro’ street
Providence court, Dagger lane
Providence court, Fawcitt street
Providence court, Providence street
Providence cottages, Dansom lane
Providence grove, Chalk lane
Providence place, Air street
Providence place, Alicia street
Providence place, Brook street
Providence place, Cannon street
Providence place, Chapel street
Providence place, Chariot street
Providence place, Durham street
Providence place, Edgar street
Providence place, Finkle street
Providence place, Manor alley
Providence place, Medley street
Providence place, Mill street
Providence place, Newland av
Providence place, North street
Providence place, Pease street
Providence place, Porter street
Providence place, Scott street
Providence place, Spring street
Providence place, Thomas street
Providence place, Walker street
Providence place, Wincolmlee
Providence place, Wood’s lane
Providence place, York street
Providence row, Cheapside
Providence row, Dansom lane
Providence row, Hodgson street
Providence row, Walker street
Providence square, Collier street
Providence square, Osborne street
Providence terrace, Eastbourne street
Providence terrace, Gibson street
Providence terrace, Liverpool street
Providence terrace, Wassand street
Prussian chambers, Posterngate
Public rooms, Kingston square
Quay chambers, Quay street
Queen Anne buildings, Carr lane
Queen’s alley, Blackfriargate
Queen’s alley, Humber street
Queen’s place, Sykes street
Queen’s place, William street
Queen’s square, Scott’s square
Queen’s terrace, Campbell street
Queen’s terrace, Gillett street
Queen’s terrace, Portland street
Queen’s terrace, St. Paul street
Queen’s terrace, Sculcoates lane
Queen’s terrace, Terry street
Queen’s Dock chambers, North side, Queen’s dock
Raglan terrace, Bean street
Railway cottages, Beeton street
Ramsey’s place, Wentworth street
Randolph terrace, Churchill street
Ransom terrace, Anlaby road
Raven street, Empringham street
Rawcliffe villas, Crowle street
Rawlin’s court, Salthouse lane
Rawlinson’s yard, Ropery street
Rayment’s passage, Cumberland street
Rebecca’s place, North walls
Redbourne terrace, Redbourne street
Redfern’s buildings, Vauxhall grove
Reed Street terrace, Little Reed street
Reform place, Francis street E.
Regent court, Lower Union st
Regent gardens, Regent street
Regent parade, Regent street
Regent place, North street
Regent place, Regent street
Regent square, Sykes street
Regent square, West street
Regent terrace, Norwood street
Regent terrace, Providence row
Regent terrace, Regent street
Regent’s place, Upper Union street
Regent’s terrace, Anlaby road
Reim’s buildings, Blanket row
Reteike’s yard, Osborne street
Rhoda’s terrace, Nornabell street
Rhoda’s terrace, Strickland street
Rial’s terrace, Collier street
Richard’s place, Garden street
Richard’s place, Francis street E.
Richard’s place, Myton street
Richard’s place, Osborne street
Richard’s place, York street
Richard’s terrace, Campbell street
Richard’s terrace, Kent street
Richardson’s buildings, Sykes street
Richardson’s terrace, Barnsley street
Richelieu crescent, Boulevard
Riches terrace, Adelaide street
Richmond avenue, Bridlington street
Richmond avenue, Massey street
Richmond court, Edward street
Richmond court, Waterloo street
Richmond terrace, Argyle street
Richmond terrace, Bean street
Richmond terrace, Grange street
Richmond terrace, Harrow street
Richmond terrace, James street
Richmond terrace, Kent street
Richmond terrace, St. Paul street
Richmond terrace, Waller street
Richmond terrace, Strickland street
Richmond terrace, West parade
Rifle terrace, Walker street
Rigg’s gallery, Queen street
Ringrose street, Chalk lane
Ripon grove, Brunswick avenue, Beverley road
Ripon terrace, Kent street
Ripon terrace, Liddell street
Ripon terrace, Ripon street
Robert street, Broadley street
Robert’s place, English street
Robert’s place, Stepney lane
Robert’s terrace, Holderness road
Robert’s terrace, Marmaduke street
Robinson buildings, Maribro’ terrace
Robinson court, Princess street
Robinson’s buildings, Wincolmlee
Robinson’s place, New George street
Robinson’s square, New George street
Robinson’s yard, Adelaide street
Robson’s court, Spencer street
Robson’s place, Mason street
Rockland grove, Boulevard
Rodney’s entry, Mytongate
Roland’s avenue, Arthur street
Rollo avenue, Arundell street
Romeo terrace, Hodgson street
Romney terrace, Ferries street
Rosamond terrace, Rosamond street
Rose cottages, Carlton street
Rose court, Walker street
Rose terrace, Alfred street
Rose terrace, Barnsley street
Rose terrace, Constable street
Roseberry terrace, Arundell street
Rosemont terrace, South parade
Rosemount avenue, Wyndham street
Roseania’s place, Hill street
Ross court, Burton street
Rowland terrace, Nornabell street
Rowland terrace, St. Paul street
Rowland’s buildings, Adelaide street
Royal chambers, Scale lane
Royal chambers, Wellington street
Royal Oak place, Blackfriargate
Rugby terrace, Harrow street
Russell place, Anlaby road
Russell place, Blundell street
Russell terrace, Bean street
Russell terrace, Marlborough terrace
Russell terrace, Norfolk street
Russell’s square, Little lane, Blackfriargate
Russia chambers, High street
Ruth’s terrace, Campbell street
Rutland terrace, Norfolk street
Rydal terrace, Alexandra street
Rydale terrace, Lansdowne street
Ryder’s terrace, Strickland street
Sackville terrace, Ferries street
Sagan terrace, Strickland street
St. Andrew’s square, Collier street
St. Andrew’s terrace, Beecroft street
St. Andrew’s terrace, Gillett street
St. Andrew’s terrace, Manchester street
St. Andrew’s terrace, Parrott street
St. Andrew’s terrace, Tomlinson street
St. Andrew’s villas, Prince’s road
St. Augustine’s avenue, Prince’s road
St. Barnabas terrace, Walcott street
St. Bernard’s terrace, Selby street
St. David’s terrace, Scarboro’ street
St. George’s avenue, St. George’s road
St. George’s avenue, South parade
St. George’s gallery, Pier street
St. George’s grove, Woodcock street
St. George’s terrace, Redbourne street
St. Helena gardens, Sculcoates lane
St. Hilda’s terrace, Symons street
St. James place, English street
St. James place, Great Passage street
St. James row, Edgar street
St. James row, St. James street
St. John’s avenue, Southcoates lane
St. John’s square, Chapel street
St. Leonard’s avenue, Hessle road
St. Luke’s terrace, St. Luke street
St. Mark’s square, Edgar street
St. Mark’s square, St. James street
St. Mark’s terrace, Sutton bank
St. Mary’s chambers, Lowgate
St. Mary’s terrace, Spring street
St. Paul’s terrace, Liddell street
St. Peter’s terrace, Great Union street
St. Silas terrace, Swann street
St. Stephen’s place, St. Stephen’s square
St. Stephen’s place, Temperance street
St. Stephen’s terrace, Spring street
St. Thomas place, Collier street
St. Thomas terrace, Campbell street
St. Thomas terrace, South parade
Salem court, William street
Salford avenue, Manchester street
Salisbury gardens, Salisbury street
Salter’s court, High street
Salthouse court, Salthouse lane
Salthouse Lane staith, High street
Salt Ings lane, Cottingham road
Samon’s terrace, Liverpool street
Samuel’s place, Wincolmlee
Sanderson terrace, Hessle road
Saner’s buildings, Staniforth place
Saner’s court, Burton street
Sarah and Ann’s place, Porter street
Sarah Ann’s terrace, Spyvee street
Sarah Ann’s terrace, Walker street
Sarah Ann’s terrace, Waterloo street
Sarah and Ann’s place, Porter street
Sarah’s place, Oxford street
Sarah’s place, Wilson row
Sarah’s place, Wincolmlee
Sarah’s terrace, Alexandra street
Sarah’s terrace, Courtney street
Sarah’s terrace, Rosamond street
Sarah’s terrace, St. Paul street
Savile chambers, Savile street
Saxby terrace, Hodgson street
Scale Lane staithway, High street
Scandinavian chambers, Humber place
Scarbro’ avenue, Bridlington street
Scarbro’ terrace, Barnsley street
Scarbro’ terrace, Kent street
Scarbro’ terrace, Marmaduke street
Scarbro’ villas, Park grove
Sconcer square, Dagger lane
School street, Waltham street
Scott’s place, Scott street
Scott’s place, York street
Scott’s square, Humber street to Blanket row
Scott’s square, Scott street
Sculcoates bridge, Wincolmlee
Scurfield square, Salthouse lane
Seaton terrace, Seaton street
Seaton terrace, Walcott street
Selina place, Collier street
Seventy-Five terrace, Porter street
Seward terrace, Pelham street
Shaw’s entry, Dagger lane
Shelburn terrace, Lansdowne street
Sheldon square, Gibson street
Sherwood square, Marvel street
Sidney square, Bourne street
Sidney street, Jenning street
Sidney terrace, Spyvee street
Siminson’s buildings, Michael street
Siminson’s gallery, Little Queen street
Simon terrace, Campbell street
Simon’s terrace, Bean street
Simon’s terrace, St. Mark street
Sissy’s terrace, Waller street
Sister’s place, Maribro’ terrace
Sister’s terrace, Lee-Smith street
Sister’s terrace, Tadman street
Sitwell court, passage, & terrace, Sitwell street
Skill’s terrace, St. Luke street
Sleight’s yard, Wright street
Smale’s terrace, Regent street
Soham terrace, Wassand street
Soho square, Collier street
Somerset terrace, Gillett street
Somerset terrace, Staniforth place
Somerset villas, Anlaby road
Somerstown, Holderness road
Sophia’s place, Percy street
Sophia’s terrace, Spyvee street
Sorrento avenue, Woodhouse street
South avenue, Londesbro’ street
South bridge, High street
Southcoates, Holderness road
Southcoates avenue, Southcoates lane
Southcoates terrace, Carlton street
South parade, Staniforth place
South Parade terrace, South parade
South view, Paisley street
South view, Sherburn street
South view, St. George’s row
South view, Queen’s road
South villas, Park row
Southern’s court, High street
Southsea terrace, Bean street
Sovereign place, William street
Spenceley’s buildings, Goodwin street
Spencer square, Spencer street
Spinster’s terrace, Church lane
Spicer’s place, Popple street
Spittle street, Jenning street
Spivey terrace, Cllfton street
Spread Eagle entry, Market place
Spring Bank terrace, Clarendon street
Spring cottages, Goodwin street
Spring cottages, Middleton street
Springfield avenue, Middleton street
Spring grove, Anlaby road
Spring grove, Brunswick avenue
Spring Head villas, Spring bank
Spring terrace, Courtney street
Spring terrace, Marmaduke street
Spring terrace, Seward street
Spring terrace, Spring street
Spring terrace, Waterloo street
Sprint’s place, Alicia street
Spurn terrace, Seward terrace
Spyvee terrace, Spyvee street
Stafford terrace, Gillett street
Staincliffe terrace, Walton street
Standidge buildings, Chapel lane
Stanley crescent, Chalk lane
Stanley terrace, Anlaby road
Stanley terrace, Lee-Smith street
Stanley terrace, Seward street
Stanley terrace, South parade
Stanley terrace, Stanley street
Stanley’s crescent, South parade
Stansted terrace, Prince’s avenue
Starch House lane, Dansom lane
Station court, Canning street
Station parade, Holderness road
Station place, West street
Staves buildings, Porter street
Steeple’s entry, Scale lane
Stephen’s place, Aldbro’ street
Stephen’s terrace, Strickland street
Stephenson’s square, Hodgson street
Stepney, Beverley road
Stewart’s yard, High street
Stirling chmbrs, Humber Dock street
Stirling terrace, Ripon street
Stockburn villas, Park grove
Storage yard, Waterloo street
Storey’s buildings, Jane street
Storey’s court, Michael street
Story’s buildings, Spring street
Strickland terrace, Strickland street
Stubbin street, Church street
Stubbin’s place, Stubbin street
Stubb’s buildings, West street
Studley avenue, Bright street
Studley avenue, Studley street
Studley terrace, 255 Beverley road
Studley terrace, Campbell street
Studley terrace, Kent street
Studley terrace, Ripon street
Success place, Collier street
Sufferance road, Park street
Suffolk buildings, Silver street
Summergangs, Holderness road
Summergang’s terrace, Holderness road
Summerses place, Waverley street
Sunbeam terrace, Burleigh street
Sunny bank, Spring hank
Sunnyside, Pearson’s park
Surrey terrace, Hodgson street
Susanna’s terrace, Bean street
Susannah’s terrace, Lee-Smith street
Susannab terrace, St. Mark street
Susan’s terrace, Goodwin street
Sutton grove, Stoneferry
Sutton row, Sutton bank
Sutton terrace, Hodgson street
Sutton terrace, Studley street
Swanland cottages, Anlaby road
Swedish chambers, High street
Sydenham terrace, Seaton street
Sydenham villas, Norwood street
Sydney terrace, Grange street
Sydney terrace, Londesbro’ street
Sylvester grove, Bean street
Symon’s terrace, St. Mark street
Talbot terrace, Bean street
Temperance buildings, Swann street
Temperance place, New George street
Temperance place, Temperance street
Temperance row, Bean street
Temperance row, Wheeler street
Temperance street, South street
Temple buildings, Bowlalley lane
Temple terrace, Temple street
Temple’s court, Cogan street
Temple’s entry, High street
Terry’s place, Wincolmlee
Tesseyman’s passage, Collier street
The Avenue, High street
The Avenue, Linnæus street
The Exchange, Bowlalley lane
Thomas place, Cottingham place
Thomas place, Cumberland street
Thomas place, Francis street E.
Thomas place, Great Thornton street
Thomas place, Jenning street
Thomas place, Michael street
Thomas place, Portland street
Thomas place, Scott street
Thomas place, Tynemouth street
Thomas place, Wilson row
Thomas place, York street
Thomas square, Hedon road
Thomas terrace, Barnsley street
Thorne terrace, Strickland street
Thornham’s square, Blanket row
Thornton place, Great Thornton street
Thornton square, Posterngate
Thornton terrace, Walker street
Thornton villas, Holderness road
Thorpe’s square, Witham
Thorpe’s terrace, Brighton street
Tichborne terrace, Bean street
Todd’s entry, Silver street
Toronto place, Porter street
Tower’s terrace, Rodney street
Tower’s terrace, Waterloo street
Towler’s terrace, Eton street
Trafalgar place, Beverley road
Trafalgar square, Lower Union street
Tremayne terrace, Anlaby road
Trent terrace, Seward street
Travis street, Green lane
Trinity buildings, North Churchside
Trinity House entry, Whitefriargate
Trinity place, Francis street E.
Trinity square, Anlaby road
Tuke’s court, Roper street
Tuke’s terrace, Carlton street
Tuke’s terrace, Walker street
Turk’s Head entry, Mytongate
Union Bank chambers, Bowlalley lane
Union court, Church lane
Union court, Edward street
Union court, Great Union street
Union court, Roper street
Union court, Vincent street
Union court, Witham, and Great Union street
Union place, English street
Union place, Osborne street
Union place, Porter street
Union place, Wincolmlee
Union square, Collier street
Union square, New George street
Union terrace, Spencer street
Union Three Crane wharf, High st
Upper Union court, Great Passage street
Valance place, Blanket row
Vaulton terrace, Clarendon street
Vauxhall cottages, Vauxhall grove
Vauxhall place, Vauxhall grove
Venture court, Alicia street
Venture place, Collier street
Verandah avenue, Somerscales street
Vernon terrace, Waterloo street
Viceroy terrace, Lorne street
Victoria avenue, Chalk lane
Victoria avenue, Granville street
Victoria avenue, Mayfield street
Victoria avenue, Scarbro’ street
Victoria avenue, Woodcock street
Victoria buildings, Holderness road
Victoria chambers, Bowlalley lane
Victoria chambers, Posterngate
Victoria chambers, Trinity House yard
Victoria cottages, Beaconsfield street
Victoria place, Moxon street
Victoria place, New George street
Victoria place, Pease street
Victoria place, Waverley street
Victoria place, York street
Victoria rooms, Queen street
Victoria square, Caroline street
Victoria square, Ella street
Victoria square, West street
Victoria terrace, Anlaby road
Victoria terrace, Bean street
Victoria terrace, Burleigh street
Victoria terrace, Campbell street
Victoria terrace, Chapman street
Victoria terrace, De-la-Pole street
Victoria terrace, Lorne street
Victoria terrace, Manchester street
Victoria terrace, Newton street
Victoria terrace, Regent street
Victoria terrace, Spring street
Victoria terrace, Staniforth place
Victoria terrace, Shepney lane
Victoria terrace, Studley street
Victoria terrace, Vauxhall grove
Victoria terrace, Williamson street
Victoria villas, Boulevard N.
Victoria villas, Ella street
Vigilance buildings, Osborne street
Villa row, Courtney street
Villa terrace, Alexandra street
Villa terrace, Barnsley street
Villa terrace, Grange street
Villa terrace, Swann street
Villa terrace, Villa place
Villa terrace, Walker street
Villa terrace, Wassand street
Village place, Osborne street
Vincent place, Medley street
Vincent terrace, Norwood street
Vine court, Edward street
Vine court, English street
Vine court, Gibson street
Vine court, High street
Vine court, Porter street
Vine court, Spencer street
Vine terrace, Alexandra street
Vine terrace, Barnsley street
Vine terrace, Norwood street
Vine terrace, Symon’s street
Voke’s terrace, Osborne street
Vulcan terrace, Seward street
Walcott terrace, Walcott street
Walker’s chambers, Humber street
Walker’s entry, High street
Walker’s square, Sykes street
Walker’s terrace Manchester street
Wallis place, Mytongate
Walmer terrace, Hessle road
Walmesley terrace, Walmsley street
Walter terrace, Providence row
Walter’s avenue, Dansom lane
Walter’s avenue, Nornabell street
Walter’s terrace, Brighton street
Walter’s terrace, Campbell street
Walter’s terrace, Newland avenue
Walter’s terrace, Raven street
Walter’s terrace, Scarbro’ street
Walter’s terrace, Sculcoates lane
Walter’s terrace, Waller street
Walter’s terrace, Waterloo street
Walter’s terrace, West parade
Waltham terrace, Norwood street
Waltham terrace, Walker street
Walton terrace, Walton street
Walton villas, Brunswick avenue, Beverley road
Walton’s court, Scott street
Walton’s court, Wincolmlee
Walworth terrace, Strickland street
Wandless buildings, Osborne street
Wansley terrace, Clifton street
Ward’s entry, Mytongate
Ward’s place, Barmston street
Ward’s place, Hodgson street
Ware’s buildings, Staniforth place
Ware’s court, West street
Warneford terrace, Stanley street
Warwick terrace, Merrick street
Warwick terrace, Warwick street
Wassand terrace, Strickland street
Waterloo place, John street
Waterloo terrace, Waterloo street
Waterloo terrace, Wellington lane
Watson buildings, North Church side
Watson’s place, Burton street
Watson’s terrace, Spring street
Watson’s yard, Canning street
Waverley avenue, Massey street
Waverley place, Waverley street
Wawne terrace, Hodgson street
Wawne terrace, Wawne street
Webster’s square, Christopher street
Webster’s terrace, Walton street
Welch court, Scott street
Wellesley terrace, Hessle road
Wellesley terrace, Rosamond street
Wellington chambers, Wellington street
Wellington gardens, Day street
Wellington terrace, Bean street
Wellington terrace, 105 Beverley road
Wellington terrace, Derby street
Wellington terrace, South parade
Wells terrace, Great Thornton street
Wells yard, Waterworks street
Welton terrace, Wassand street
Wentworth street, Church street
Wesley terrace, Bean street
Wesley terrace, Courtney street
Wesley terrace, Lime street
West avenue, Londesborough street
West buildings, Cumberland street
West buildings, Wincolmlee
West Dock terrace, Walker street
West Dock villas, West Dock avenua
Westbourne crescent, Edinburgh street
Westbourne terrace, Derringham street
Westbourne terrace, Spring street
Westbourne terrace, Westbourne street
Westerdale’s entry, Salthouse lane
Western buildings, William street
Western villas, Hessle road
West parade, Anlaby road
West Parade gardens, Londesbro’ street
West Parade terrace, Anlaby road
West Park avenue, Woodcock street
West Park grove, Granville street
West Park terrace, Anlaby road
West Street court, West street
West view, Albert avenue
West view, Newland avenue
West view, Wyndham street
Westbourne house, Prince’s avenue
Westbourne terrace, Westbourne street
Wetwang entry, High street
Wharram street, Northumberland avenue
Whipp’s court, Carr lane
Whipp’s court, South street
Whisker’s buildings, Carlton street
Whitby place, Blenheim terrace
White Hart yard, Salthouse lane
White Horse yard, Market place
Whitfield terrace, Bean street
Whiting’s place, Hedon road
Whystall place, Hedge street
Wilberforce buildings, High street
Wilberforce place, Hill street
Wilberforce terrace, Argyle street
Wilberforce terrace, Bean street
Wilberforce terrace, Campbell street
Wilberforce terrace, Providence row
Wilberforce terrace, Wilberforce street
Wilfred avenue, Wyke street
Wilfred terrace, Beaumont street
Wilfred’s terrace, Nornabell street
Wilfred’s terrace, Raven street
Wilfred’s terrace, Sharp street
Wilkinson’s terrace, Beaumont street
Wilkinson’s terrace, Wincolmlee
William’s buildings, Green lane
William’s court, Osborne street
William’s place, Alicia street
William’s place, Chapman street
William’s place, Cogan street
William’s place, Cumberland street
William’s place, Osborne street
William’s place, Paradise street
William’s place, Raikes street
William’s place, St. James street
William’s place, Spencer street
William’s place, Trippett street
William’s place, Upper Union street
William’s place, York street
William’s square, Mason street
William’s square, New George street
William’s terrace, Alexandra street
William’s terrace, Bean street
William’s terrace, Campbell street
William’s terrace, Elm street
William’s terrace, Glass House row
William’s terrace, South parade
William’s terrace, Spyvee street
William’s terrace, Walcott street
William’s terrace, Waller street
William’s terrace, West parade
William’s terrace, Woodcock street
William’s terrace, Woodhouse street
Willow grove, Durham street
Willow grove, Newland avenue
Willow grove, Prince’s road
Willow terrace, Regent street
Willow terrace, York street
Wilson row, Wincolmlee
Wilson street, Church street
Wilson’s buildings, South street
Wilson’s place, Francis street E.
Wilson’s terrace, Nornabell street
Wilton terrace, Holderness road
Windsor place, Windsor street
Windsor terrace, Harrow street
Windsor terrace, Windsor street
Winifrid terrace, Stepney lane
Winship buildings, Staniforth place
Winter’s alley, Land of Green Ginger
Winter’s square, Broadley street
Witham chambers, Witham
Withernwick’s yard, North street
Witherweek’s yard, Spencer street
Witty’s square, Trippett street
Witty’s terrace, Gibson street
Wold Carr villas, Anlaby road
Wollaton avenue, Dansom lane
Wolseley’s terrace, South parade
Woodbine cottages, Holderness road
Woodbine terrace, Rodney street
Woodbine terrace, Waterloo street
Woodhouse avenue, Woodhouse street
Woodhouse place, Francis street W.
Woodhouse place, Michael street
Wood’s buildings, Gibson street
Wood’s court, Dock street
Wood’s entry, Dagger lane
Wood’s place, South street
Woodside villas, Holderness road
Woodville terrace, Boulevard N.
Woolpack entry, Mytongate
Worcester terrace, Gillett street
Wormald’s place, Adelaide street
Wray’s buildings, Waverley street
Wray’s terrace, Liverpool street
Wright’s court, Middle street
Wright’s place, Pease street
Wright’s terrace, Manchester street
Wycliffe terrace, Courtney street
Wycliffe grove, Argyle street
Ye White Hart passage, Bowlalley lane and Silver street
York place, Hill street
York square, York street
York terrace, Barnsley street
York terrace, Beaumont street
York terrace, 79 Beverley road
York terrace, Bright street
York terrace, Hodgson street
York terrace, Marmaduke street
York terrace, Pelham street
York terrace, York parade
Yorkshire Insurance buildings, Lowgate
Yucatan place, Osborne street
Zetland place, Walker street
Zion place, Porter street
Zion terrace, Bean street
Zoological terrace, Spring bank