Hull Technical College Roll of Honour

Hull Technical College WW1 Memorial.

The Park Street College, built in 1858, was known as Thanet House. It was originally used as a private school. Constructed in yellow brick, with ashlar dressings and hipped slate roofs. It has  four side walls and two ridge stacks. It was purchased in 1867 by the Port of Hull Society for use as their Sailor’s Orphan Institution. Its purchase was largely funded by a £5,000 donation from Sir, Titus Salt, the Bradford manufacturer and philanthropist. In 1868-89 the central three-bay block and five-bay block on the right were added by William Botterill. It accommodated 150- 220 children. Park Street had a poor reputation in the early 19th Century, when one writer noted: – “at nightfall it was not fit for a woman to go along, and in winter time it required a man with a stout arm to traverse the distance between Anlaby Road and Spring Bank, which 20 years ago and less was as destitute of life and light after dark as the most destitute region in the world”.

The orphanage became too small and was sold by the Port of Hull Society in 1897. The following year it opened as Hull Municipal Technical School with alterations and additions by Botterill, Son & John Bilson. Incendiary bombs dropped in May 1941 destroyed the roof and top floor, but it was repaired post war and remained a learning centre until its closure in 2016. It is now a hotel.

The College Roll of Honour. is a wall mounted, bronze plaque, located in the foyer entrance. It records 67 names. Of these 22 are Officers and 6 are Sergeants. A third (22 men) fought for East Yorkshire Regiments, including eight men who died with the Hull Pals.  Six men served in the Air Force, and five with the Artillery. There were three Machine Gunners and also four sailors. The majority of men died between 1916-1918, when conscription was introduced. The Ages of death range from 16 to 43 and average 24 years. The memorial includes 14 Teenagers. Five of the men were decorated for bravery. Septimus Fielding, Walter Smith and Bertram Wood, remain untraced on the Memorial.


Name Rank Regiment Died Age Buried Hse No: Address
Anson, Stanley Edmund 2nd Lieutenant 1st East Yorkshire Regiment 04/06/1916 23 Norfolk Cemetery, Becordel-Becourt, Somme, France 44 Dover Street, Hull
Ashbridge, John Percival Private West Yorkshire Regiment) 12th Battalion 14/07/1916 25 Thiepval Memorial, Somme 6 Lorne terrace. Alexandra Street, Hull
Ashton, George Gilbert 2nd Lieutenant Royal Air Force 8th West Riding Squadron 23/07/1918 22 Heath Cemetery, Harbonnieres, Somme, France 11 Linden Avenue, Cottingham, Hull
Atkin, Fred Sergeant 13th East Yorkshire Regiment 13/11/1916 24 Euston Road Cemetery, Colincamps, Somme, France 4 Hutt Street, Spring Bank, Hull
Bell, Albert Edward Private 10th East Yorkshire Regiment (Hull Commercials) 04/03/1917 21 Couin British Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France 61 Hawthorne Avenue, Hull
Bell, James Edmund 2nd Engineer  MM HM Tug “Irish Monarch” 05/08/1917 24 Falmouth Cemetery, Cornwall 191 St Georges Road, Hull
Birrell, Albert 2nd Lieutenant Royal Air Force 13th Squadron 18/09/1918 24 Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extension, France 44 Park Street, Hull
Brown, Frederick David 2nd Lieutenant 13th East Yorkshire Regiment 08/03/1917 33 Thiepval Memorial, Somme 86 Porter Street, Hull
Carter, Sydney Robert 2nd Lieutenant King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (KOYLI), 4th Battalion 08/07/1916 21 Thiepval Memorial, Somme 63  Miilkwood, Road, Herne Hill, London
Charlton, Ernest Henry 2nd Lieutenant 1/4th East Yorkshire Regiment 31/03/1918 37 Pozieres Memorial, Somme, France 95 Marlborough Avenue, Hull
Cobby, Joseph Henry Private 10th East Yorkshire Regiment (Hull Commercials) 13/06/1917 22 Wimereux Communal Cemetery, France 74 Sandringham Street, Hull
Cocker, Frank Cecil Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery 90th Seige Battery 18/06/1917 23 Heuvelland, Arrondissement Ieper, Belgium 54 Auckland Avenue, Cottingham Road, Hull
Collingwood, John Thomas Private Duke of Wellington’s West Riding Regiment 2/5th Battalion 17/05/1917 32 Boulogne Eastern Cemetery, France 14 Bellamy Street, Hull
Cook, James Thomas Able Seaman Royal Navy HMS “Vanguard” 09/07/1917 18 Chatham Naval Memorial 48 Tadman Street, Hull
Curson, Robert Lance Corporal Buffs East Kent Regiment 7th Battalion 02/10/1916 20 Thiepval Memorial, Somme 5 Reynoldson Street, Newland Avenue, Hull
Entwisle, Fred Private Essex Regiment 10th Battalion 22/09/1918 19 Niederzwehren Cemetery, Kassel, Germany 77 Princes Avenue, Hull
Fielding, Septimus H Unknown
Gill, William Burton Corporal 2nd East Yorkshire Regiment 03/02/1915 26 Ypres Menin Gate Meorial, Belgium 86 Wheeler Street, Hull
Gray. Ernest William Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1/7th Battalion 28/08/1916 22 Thiepval Memorial, Somme 4 Albert Avenue, Wellsted Street, Hull
Groves, William Private 1st/1st East Riding Yeomanry 15/04/1917 22 Mikra British Cemetery, Kalamaria, Greece 33 Salisbury Street, Hull
Hewitt, Arthur Private 7th East Yorkshire Regiment 24/04/1917 21 Arras Memorial, France 20 Tomlinson Street, Hull
Holderness, Frederick William Private Yorkshire Regiment, (“Green Howards”), 5th Battalion 14/05/1918 31 Hull Northern Cemetery 44 Alexandra Road, Hull
Holmes, Alfred Gordon Private Machine Gun Corps (Infantry), 2nd Company 27/09/1918 26 Windmill British Cemetery, Nonchy, France 99 Middleton Street, Hull
Hutton, Thomas Henry Sergeant Lincolnshire Regiment 2/5th Battalion 26/09/1917 19 Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium 72 Ayscough Street, Grimsby
Larter MC, Arthur Sydney 1st Lieutenant 1st East Yorkshire Regiment 12/03/1923 31 Hull Northern Cemetery 9 Belvoir Street, Hull
Lax,  Arthur Private Yorkshire Regiment, (“Green Howards”), 10th Battalion 04/10/1917 22 Buttes New British Cemetery, polygon Wood, Belgium 74 Commercial St., Rothwell, Leeds
Magee, George Sidney 1st Engineer MM S/S “Menzaleh” 06/06/1918 25 Tower Hill Naval Memorial, London 5 Wilberforce Street, Anlaby Road, Hull
Margerison, Thomas 2nd Lieutenant Royal Flying Corps 57th Squadron Observation 13/04/1917 22 Brown’s Copse Cemetery, Roeux, France 18 Goddard Avenue, Hull
Mathers, George Eric 1st Lieutenant Machine Gun Corps Infantry 6th Company 08/10/1918 22 Ramicourt British Cemetery, Aisne, France 110 Norwood, Beverley
McMillan, Andrew Private Royal Scot Fusiliers 2nd Battalion 14/11/1914 35 Le Touret Military Cemetery, France 1 Laurel Grove, Pulman Street, Hull
Mennell, Roy Walter Private West Yorkshire) Regiment 10th Battalion (Yorkshire Hussars) 02/11/1916 19 Thiepval Memorial, Somme 100 Clarendon Street, Hull
Millard, Thomas Percival Private 10th East Yorkshire Regiment (Hull Commercials) 29/10/1916 26 Thiepval Memorial, Somme 71 King’s Bench Street, Hull
Milne MC, Clifford 2nd Lieutenant Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 4th Battalion 13/05/1918 20 Loos Memorial, Pas de Calais, France 67 Park Grove, Hull
Moody, Frank Cecil Private Machine Gun Corps Infantry 9th Company Depot 10/12/1916 18 Hull Northern Cemetery 14 Ventor Street, Newland Avenue, Hull
Moody, Robert Ronald Boy 1st Class Royal Navy HMS “Hawke” 15/10/1914 16 Portsmouth Naval Memorial De La Pole Villas, Willerby
Mullins, Arthur Herbert Lance Corporal Military Foot Police 15/09/1919 43 Hull Hedon Road Cemetery 17 Frodsham Street, Marfleet, Hull
Needler, William Wilson Sergeant 11th East Yorkshire Regiment (Hull Tradesmen) 27/03/1918 24 Arras Memorial, France 175 Woodcock Street, Hull
Owen DCM, Albert Edward Company Sergeant Major Lancashire Fusiliers 11th Battalion 26/04/1918 35 Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium 13 Annis Street, Manchester
Penny, Charles Frederick Private 1/4th East Yorkshire Regiment 20/09/1918 23 Glageon Communal Cemetery, Nord, France 14 Sarah Ann Terrace, Walker Street, Hull
Pickering, Frank Wells 2nd Lieutenant Royal Garrison Artillery 287th Siege Battery 20/09/1917 25 Potijze Chateau Lawn Cemetery, Belgium 6 Alliance Avenue, Hull
Railton, Clarence Nicholson Private  Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC), 3rd Northumberland Field Ambulance Brigade 17/09/1916 19 Heilly Station Cemetery, Somme, France 11 Park Row, Park Street, Hull
Rank, Sydney 1st Lieutenant Royal Garrison Artillery 216th Siege Battery 23/10/1918 33 Le Cateau Military Cemetery, Nord, France 74 Glencoe Street, Hull
Robinson, Stanley Reynard Private 1/4th East Yorkshire Regiment 15/09/1916 19 Thiepval Memorial, Somme 60 Mayfield Street, Hull
Robinson, William Henry Private 1st East Yorkshire Regiment 22/03/1918 29 Epehy Wood Farm Cemetery, Somme, France 14 Park Terrace, Cave Street, Hull
Rymer, Alfred Ernest Lance Corporal Royal Engineers, Special Company 05/08/1917 28 Fosse No.10 Communal cemetery, Sains-En-Gohelle, France 234 Boulevard, Hull
Sackett, George Langdale Lance Corporal 1st East Yorkshire Regiment 24/12/1917 20 Heudicourt Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme, France 2 Suffolk Terrace, Suffolk Street, Hull
Sanderson, Arthur Ernest Sergeant 1/4th East Yorkshire Regiment 11/09/1917 20 Heinel Communal Cemetery Extension, France 41 Brunswick Avenue, Hull
Smith, Harry Stuart 2nd Lieutenant Royal Air Force 60th Squadron 15/09/1918 18 Moeuvres British Cemetery, Nord, France 10 Pearson Avenue, Newland Park, Hull
Smith, Walter Unknown
Staples, Alan Private King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (KOYLI), 2/4th Battalion 20/11/1917 19 Hermies Hill British Cemetery, France 24 Park Avenue, Hull
Steele, Laurence S. Sergeant West Yorkshire Regiment) 17th Battalion (Bradford Pals) 25/04/1916 20 Merville Communal Cemetery Extension, Nord, France 369 Beverley Road, Hull
Sultan, Abraham Private 1st East Yorkshire Regiment 16 Great Passage Street, Hull
Taylor, Herbert William 1st Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery 2nd Brigade (Northumbrian Division) 12/06/1916 24 Hull Western Cemetery 65 Marlborough Avenue, Hull
Townend, Cyril Pybus Private 7th East Yorkshire Regiment 15/10/1917 34 Cement House Cemetery, Langemark, Belgium 365 Holderness Road, Hull
Tune, Charles Walter 2nd Lieutenant 13th East Yorkshire Regiment 23/11/1917 22 Cambrai Memorial, Louverval, Nord, France “Westlands”, Anlaby Park Road, Hull
Tune, Harry Douglas Private Royal Engineers 26th Railway Company 07/09/1918 19 Poperinghe Old Military Cemetery, Belgium “Westlands”, Anlaby Park Road, Hull
Turner CDG, Herbert Ellery Captain Royal Garrison Artillery 169th Siege Battery 15/04/1918 38 Boves West Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme, France 18 Spring Street, Hull
Urry, Robert Alexander 1st Lieutenant 7th East Yorkshire Regiment 27/04/1918 20 Doullens Communal Cemetery Extension No.1, Somme, France 106  Hardy Street, Hull
Wadsworth, Ronald Heselgrove Air Mechanic Royal Flying Corps 63rd Squadron 22/08/1917 19 Basra War Memorial, Iraq 94 Cranbrook Avenue, Cottingham Road, Hull
Walker, Denis Henry Captain Yorkshire Regiment, (“Green Howards”), 1/5th Battalion 26/01/1916 26 Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery, Belgium 34 Westbourne Avenue, Hull
Walker, Leslie Bedford Captain Yorkshire Regiment, (“Green Howards”), 1/5th Battalion 01/07/1917 26 St. Sever Cemetery, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France 34 Westbourne Avenue, Hull
Walton, Maurice Private 1st East Yorkshire Regiment 25/04/1918 19 Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium 5 Albany Street, Spring Bank, Hull
Watson, MRSC, George Henry Captain Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC), 3rd Northumberland Field Ambulance Brigade 18/09/1916 31 Dernancourt Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme, France 192 Hallgate, Cottingham
Wilkin, Clive Ordinary Seaman Royal Navy HMS “Motagua” 19/03/1918 20 Portsmouth Naval Memorial 34 Vane Street, Spring Bank, Hull
Williams, Arthur Corporal 13th East Yorkshire Regiment 16/11/1916 19 Douchy-Les-Ayette British Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France 41 St Paul Street, Hull
Wood, Bertram Unknown
Wright MC, Stanley 1st Lieutenant Royal Flying Corps 21st Balloon Kite 24/10/1917 25 Arras Memorial, France 16 Marlborough Avenue, Hull

Here are some of their Photos

George Gilbert Ashton (1895-1918)
Pte, Albert Edward Bell, 10th EYR
2nd, Lieut, Albert Birrell, RAF
2nd Lt, Frederick David Brown, 13th EYR
2nd, Lieut, Ernest Henry Charlton, 4th EYR
Pte, John Thomas Collingwood, WRR
Ernest William Gray
Pte, Alfred Gordon Holmes, MGC
2nd, Lieut, Arthur Sydney Larter, MC
Tom Margerison.
Lieut, Eric Mathers, Machine Gun Corps
Hull Daily Mail 12 December 1914
Pte. Thomas Percival Millard, 10th EYR
2nd Lieut, Clifford Milne, MC
Pte, Frank Cecil Moody, MGC
Pte, Charles Frederick Penny, 4th EYR
Frank Wells Pickering
Clarence Nicholson Railton
Sgt, Arthur Ernest Sanderson, 4th EYR
Sgt, Laurence Steele<WYR
Lt, Herbert William Taylor, RFA .
2nd, Lieut, Charles Walter Tune, 13th EYR
Captain, Denis Henry Walker, 5th EYR
Pte, Maurice Walton, 1st EYR
Cpl, Arthur Williams, 13th EYR