The three Diglin brothers (photo below) were George Diglin, East Yorks Regt, service no 13/505, killed 13/11/1916, Walter Diglin, York and Lancaster Regiment Service no 203159, killed 24/0/1917 and William Diglin, East Yorkshire Regiment 7th Battalion, Service No. 3/33418, killed 25/04/1917. A 4th brother who served – Ernest Diglin, Kings Royal Rifle Corps 6th Battalion Service No: Y624 was discharged from … Read more


John Edward Lilley and Mary Ann Lilley, of 7 Holderness Villas, Rhodes Street, Hawthorne Avenue, Hull, lost their three sons: Pte, Sydney Lilley, 13th EYR, killed on 13/11/1916, aged 20; Pte, Fred Lilley, MGC, killed 10/10/1917, aged 29; and Pte, George Lilley, 10the EYR, killed 15/08/1918, aged 23.

Gallipoli, “The Yorkshire Landings”, 7th August 1915

On the 7th August,1915, the Yorkshire regiments landed at Sulva Bay to capture a number of commanding hills. Tekke Tepe Hill above was most prominent and its capture promised a break through to the stalemate at Gallipoli..  See this Satellite map; https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/40°17’24.9″N+26°14’23.2″E/@40.2929911,26.2383709,593m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m4!3m3!8m2!3d40.29025!4d26.2397778?entry=ttu THE GALLIPOLI CAMPAIGN – The Yorkshire Landings at Tekke Teppe.  The Gallipoli Peninsula runs in … Read more

WW1 Casualties

World War 1, lasted four years, three months and one week (1,564 days). About about 10 million military personnel and about 7 million civilians died in World War 1, with some 23 million wounded – an estimated casualty total of 40 million people. As calculating casualties is often complex and controversial, others estimate that the … Read more