WW1 Timeline

This World War 1 timeline covers all the key WW1 dates, all the way from the start, to the end of the war. 1914 28 June: Franz Ferdinand (Archduke of Austria) is assassinated in Sarajevo. 28 July: Austria declares war with Serbia. 1 August: Germany declares war with Russia. 3 August: Germany declares war with France. On the same … Read more

Picture Gallery

Troops of the 10th (Service) Battalion (1st Hull), East Yorkshire Regiment marching to the trenches near Doullens, 28June 1916.   The following images are of the 13th East Yorkshire Bn (Hull Sportsmen), from the diaries of Private, George Williams, and his friend Lance Corporal, Charles Verity, MM, 13th EYR.        (https://transcribathon.com/en/documents/id-17242/item-190593/) 10th East … Read more

Hull Street War Memorials

Britain’s War Memorial. We tend to approach war memorials with pathos and a narrative about the futility of war, but the generation that built them were actually proud of them. People wanted to show the pride of sacrifice. They even experienced joy that their fathers, husbands and sons, had stepped up to the plate in the time … Read more

Hull Riots

Background When war began in 1914, there was already much anti German feeling in Britain. This Anglo German enmity, probably started 50 years before, when Britain supported Denmark, against the German reunification of Schleswig–Holstein in 1863. Britain had also sold weapons to France against Germany, during the Franco Prussian war in 1870. There was an … Read more

Home life

During the First World War, Hull was a much smaller and densely populated City,  than it is today. Most people lived in the City Centre or were crammed around the fish docks of Hessle Road and the warehouses of Wincolmlee. In 1914, Hull’s population was around 300,000 people, a much larger number than now. North … Read more