Died of Wounds

Private, John Henry Brown, EYR Depot, died of Tuberculosis at home aged 29. He was the Son of William & Mary Elizabeth Brown from Dansom Lane. His younger brother James had been killed in 1916.

Pte, George William Robinson, Royal Engineers, from 60 Ella Street, died of gas poisoning on the 30th June 1918.

Private, SidneyJack from 1 Whitedale, Airlie Street, Hull, was gassed at Ypres in 1915 and discharged from the army on the 1st March 1916. He eventually died of his wounds on the 1st January 1919, aged 23.

Private, Fred Fisher, from the 13th EYR was discharged from the army due to gas wounds. He died on the 25th January 1921 aged 25 and is buried in Hull Western Cemetery.

Corporal, Charles Woodcock, 10th EYR, from 46 Welsted Street, died of gas wounds in 1921 and is buried in Hunmanby.

Private, James Hall, 8th EYR, died at Nottingham Military Hospital on the 29th March 1916. He had been repatriated back to England after suffering from ‘Trench Foot’ in both feet and died from gangarene and tetnus. A former foundry worker, he lived with his wife Alice and three sons at Westmoreland Street, Hull. He is buried at Hedon Road cemetery.

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