SS ‘EARL (H436)’ lost 21st January 1916

EARL (H436) was a Hull steam trawler, reported missing in the North Sea on 21/1/1916 BROWNHILL, A (51), 140 Regent Street, Hull. Cook BUCHAN, William (17), 30 Haddon Street, Hull. Trimmer COATES, William (20), 6 Empringham-Place, Daltry Street, Hull. 3rd/Hand COATES, William (59), 25 Buxton-ter, Daltry Street, Hull. Skipper JACKSON, Frederick (34), 236 Boulevard, Hull. 2nd/Hand … Read more

SS ‘EROS’ sunk on the 8th June 1918

‘EROS’  was mined in the North Sea on the 8th June 1918.  7 lives, lost including Skipper. LOST CREW – HMT EROS AVERY, STEPHEN FREDERICK (32), Spare Hand, Steam Trawler Eros, †08/06/1918, Son of Robert Avery and the late Florence Avery; husband of Bertha Louisa Avery (nee Linkins), of 8, Princes Avenue, West Dock St., Hull. Born at … Read more

SS ‘SHAKESPEARE (H994)’, sunk on 7th February 1917

CREW LOST ON ‘SHAKESPEARE (H994)’, sunk on 7th February 1917 by a U-boat gunfire.     BRYON, Arnie, (-), 346 St. George’s Road, Hull. Skipper FARNSWORTH, James (28), 26 Brighton Sreet, Hull. 3rd/Hand HARRISON, James (40), 13 Flinton Street, Hull. Mate HUTCHINSON, John (30), Calthorpe-Gardens, Newington Street, Hull. Chief Engineer LAWRENCE, Charles (31), 8a Bedford-Place, Boston. 2nd/Engineer LEE, … Read more

SS ‘INDUSTRIA’ lost on 21st March 1917

‘INDUSTRIA‘, was built by Cook, Welton and Gemmell  Ltd, Hull, 1887. It was sunk in the North Sea, on 21st March 1917, with the loss of nine lives. ACUM, John, (17), Trimmer, 18 Ireland terrace, Gillette Street, Hull BARKS, Thomas, (65), Cook,  BURNETT, Walter, (53), Chief Engineer, 380 Boulevard, Hull CARNEY, Peter, (42), Deckhand, 22 Gillette … Read more

SS ‘OTHELLO II’ lost 31st October 1915

‘OTHELLO II’,  built by Cook, Welton & Gemmell, Ltd., Beverley in 1907 and operated at the time of her loss by Royal Navy, was a British navy trawler of 206 tons. On October 31st, 1915, ‘OTHELLO II’,  was sunk by a mine from the German submarine UC-6 (Matthias Graf von Schmettow), off Leathercoat. 9 persons were lost. LOST CREW … Read more

Young and Old Shipmates

The youngest to die in the war were often served in ship crews. For example, George Edward Johnson,George Edward Plewes and Vincent Michael Nolanwere all lost on different ships in 1917. Each was only 14 years old when they died. Over 1,200 Hull sailors died in the war. One of many sad stories to tell wasLeonard Barmby, from … Read more

Hull’s Submariners

Britain’s submarines had spectacular successes in the Baltic and Dardenelles. However, its’ most important role was to blockade Germany’s coastline, and protect Britain against invasion. Out of Britain’s 86 submarines at the start of the war, 76 were also used to protect British coastlines and shipping. They were also used to lay mines, observe enemy … Read more