SS MALABAR lost at sea 3rd January 1916

‘MALABAR’ was a steam trawler, completed in 1903 by Cook, Welton & Gemmell Ltd., for the Hull Steam Fishing & Ice Co. Ltd. and registered at Hull as H.754. She had left Hull on 20th December 1915 and was posted missing on 3rd January 1916 in severe weather. The cause of her loss is unknown.There were no survivors.

John CRANE, Skipper, 26 Huntingdon Street, Hull

John FLOUNDERS, Bosun, (27), 16 Minerva Terrace, Wassand Street, Hull

R J HUME, (42), Second Hand, 26 Devon Street, Hull

Ernest Newell, (24), Second Engineer, 5 Whitby Grove, Rhodes Street, Hull 

Arthur F. POULSON, (16), Trimmer, 5 Blanche Grove, Brighton Street, Hull 

T W ROBINSON, (38), Chief Engineer, 9 Bishop’s Avenue, Division Road, Hull

D SAUNDERS, (28), 273 Wellington Street,

R SYMONDS, (32), Fourth Hand,

Charles WESTON, (45), Cook, 1 Blanche Terrace, Brighton Street, Hull 

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