Richard Jackson Douglas

Richard Jackson Douglas was born in Hull 1881. He enlsited in Hull as a Private in the 7th East Yorkshire Regiment and was killed in action on the 18th September 1918. He left his wife Elizabeth and 4 children at 140 Cumberland Street. He enlisted with Ernie Wilson an orphan he took in off the … Read more


Pte, Richard Hill, a box maker at Reckitt’s, was killed on the Somme on the 1st October 1916. He left a brother Harold and five sisters. He lived at 2 Cicero Terrace, Swann Street and his family lived on Kent Street.   


George Dugdale Banning, from 270 St Georges Road, enlisted in the 17th Northumberland Fusiliers. This was a Pals battalion made up of North Eastern Railway workers. He died of wounds on the 5th July 1916 leaving his fiancée Annie. He was one of 12 ‘pals’ from Hull who died with this battalion.    


Driver, Henry Binks, Royal Field Artillery who had served in France for three years, died of influenza on the day the war ended. His best friend and Brother in Law, Cpl James Nix had been killed in action on the 21st May 1918, and another Brother in Law, Sgt, Charles John Nix, MM, had been … Read more


Pte, Charles Bell who before the attack tossed a coin with his friend Pte, Surfleet, to decide who would train the new recruits. Pte, Bell lost and was killed in action on the 13th November 1916.