William and Caroline Ryan, from 7 Albert’s Terrace, Terry Street, lost 3 sons They are commemorated on the Terry Street and Nornabell Street memorials.

Private, William Ryan, was killed on the 27th October 1914, fighting with the East Yorkshires. He was 28 years old.

On the 23rd April 1917, Private, Joseph Ryan, was killed with the East Yorkshire Regiment, in France. He was aged 25. 

Their third and youngest son was Ordinary Seaman, John Ryan, who was lost at sea, on the 9th October 1917, aged 22. John had left the army to join the Royal Navy on the 24th April, 1915. It was reported that he stayed with his guns as the ship went down. All three brothers are also remembered at St Charles Church, Jarratt Street, Hull.

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