The Young

There were also many young men killed in the armed forces. Probably one of the youngest was Private, Harry Jipson, 1351, 12th East Yorkshires, killed in action at Loos on the 24th August 1916. He was only 16 years old, and lived at 73 Regent Street.

The Hull WW1 Memorial contains the names of a thousand other teenagers. One of the first of these was Private, Andrew Ernest Elton, 10469, 3rd Coldstream Guards, killed on the Marne, on the 14th September 1914, aged 17 years old. He lived at 1 Normans Terrace, Campbell Street which has now been demolished.

The last teenager to die was probably Private, Edward Goy, 2/4th York & Lancaster Regiment, who died at Rouen on the 10th November 1918, a day before the war officially ended. He was eighteen years old and lived at 30 Sandringham Street, Hull.

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