Next door to the Maynards, at 40 Edgecumbe Street, George and Harriet Winter also lost three sons. These were Victor Winter, aged 19, killed 17th September 1918; Clarence Winter, aged 21, killed 30th September 1918, and Harry Winter who died on the 6th November 1918. All were lost within the last three months of the war.

Willam, Arthur and John HenrWilkinson, three brothers, killed within months of each in 1917. They were the sons of John William Willkinson and Jessie Sheppard, from Wescott Street. Their father was a well known market Gardener in Sutton and Ings.

Sgt, John Henry Wilkinson, MM, a Hull school Teacher enlisted in the 10th (Hull Commercials) EYR. He was wounded at Oppy Wood on 03/05/1917, and died of wounds, on 02/06/1917, aged 24. Driver, William Sheppard Wilkinson, RFA, was killed in action on 25/09/1917, aged 19. His brother, Private, Arthur Frederick Wilkinson, served with the 44th Canadians, and was killed at Paschendaele, on 27/10/1917, aged 22. Their names are listed together on the Sutton village war memorial.

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