Hull Teachers WW1 Memorial

30/05/2015 by admin These 27 Hull Teachers died in the 1914-18 War. Their names are recorded on a Memorial, Bronze Plaque, located at the Hull Guildhall. The following provides details of their full name, rank, serial number, regiment, date and place of death, their age and their last known address. Hull Teachers WW1 Memorial Plaque, Guildhall ALEXANDER, … Read more

WW1 Memorial Reckitt And Sons – Hull

Reckitt’s is a Hull based company, formed in 1842, internationally renowned for its health and cleaning products. By the time of the Great War it had already pioneered a number of scientific breakthroughs to create revolutionary cleaning products, such as Robins Starch (1899), the UK’s first liquid metal polish Brasso (1905), and the silver polish, … Read more