Hull’s Forgotten Sailors

The following are examples of some Hull Seamen, not recorded by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission:-

Fireman, Joseph Smith, lost at sea, on the Steam Ship, ‘Hildago’ on the 28th August 1917, aged 27.

Cook, George Nunn, lost on the ‘Montebello’ on 21st June 1918. He was a 32 year old fisherman. Son of Sarah Nunn, 95 Constable Street. The ship was sunk by the U-100 submarine with the lost of 41 lives. 

First Hand, Frederick Robert Smith, from 24 Liverpool Street, was ost on the Steam Trawler, ‘Commander Boyle H353’ on the 23rd August 1915, aged 30. The ship was unarmed and only out on its second fishing trip when it was sunk by a mine. Third Hand, William Bratton, aged 31, from 12 Richmond Terrace, Harrow Street, and Sparehand, Walter Holder, aged 31, from 70 Manchester Street, were also killed.

Second Mate. Percy Walter, lost on the ‘Memberland’ at sea, on 15th February 1915. He was 26 years & lived with his wife Lilly, at 33 Carrington Street, Airlie Street.

Deckhand, J. Lorraine, lost of the Steam Trawler, ‘Terrier’ on 2nd October 1916. He is listed on the Walker Street memorial, but not in any Naval or War Grave records.

Chief Engineer, David Foster Britton, lost on the Wilson Line ship, ‘IBIS’ on the 14th May 1918, aged 60. He lived at 6 Aberdeen Terrace, Kimberley Street and his death was reported in the Hull Daily Mail on 27th December 1918. The ‘IBIS’  was on voyage from Bilbao to Glasgow with a cargo of ore. She collided with SS WHIMBREL, 6 miles W of the Lizard, United Kingdom and sank.

Engineman, James Irving Boynton, lost aboard on HMS ‘Idaho’, 19th August 1918, aged 29. He lived at 10 Ash Avenue, Subway Street.

Engineman, Henry Robert Baldwin, a fish dock labourer, from 28 Dorset Street, lost on the Minesweeper, ‘Lucknow’, on the 18/5/1917, aged 33. The ship was mined 2 miles off Portsmouth, with the loss of nine lives.

Engineman, Ernest Tom Longstaff, from 66 Lee Street, lost at sea on the 12th May 1918. 

Trimmer, Arthur Bloomfield, from 61 Argyle Street, lost on the ‘Terrier’ when it was wrecked at Rattray Head.

Trimmer, Herbert Hookhem, died 21st February 1915, when his fishing ship ‘Kestrel’ collided off Spurn Point, with the Steamship ‘Hydra’. He was 17 years old. His family lived at 44 Madeley Street, Hessle Road, Hull.

Similarly, Trimmer, Hendrick Williamson was also killed in a sea collison and his death was death was not reported.

Deckhand, Albert Goodwin, from 45 Havelock Street, was lost overboard, on the ‘Antonio’ on 25th November 1917, aged 49.

Seaman, Frederick William Sawden, Royal Navy Reserve, from Waterloo Street, died as a prisoner of war, on the 2nd November 1914, aged 51.

‘Anchored at Last’

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