Overseas Sailors Remembered

Hull provided experienced sailors and a large number of ships to the war effort. They served in all the World’s Seas. Hull ships Crew’s often contained many sailors from abroad, who lived either on board or around the docks of Hull. Some of these overseas seamen are remembered here:-

Emanuel KARIOTHIS, from Crete, Greece, lost on the Hull ship ‘Colenso’ on 13/11/1915, aged 18 years.

George GILIMBIS, from Greece, and George DENIS from America, were both lost on the Hull ship ‘Cambric’, 31st October 1917

Fireman, Paul ROMERO, from Argentina, lost on the Hull ship ‘Cambric’ on 31/10/1917, aged 21. Fireman, George DENIS, from America, was lost on the same ship.

Seaman, Emil RUDHOLM, from Sweden, lost on the Hull ship ‘Etonian’ on the 23/3/1918, aged 50 years old.

Also, Seaman, Eric OLSSON, from Gothenberg, lost on the ‘Toro’ on 12/4/1917. He lived at 6 Chatham Place, Adelaide Street and was 34 years old. Fireman, L. MONSON, lost on the Hull ship ‘Salmo’ on 10/4/1917, aged 24, was from Norway. Another Norwegian sailor, was Gundar KARLSEN, lost on the ‘Gitano’ on the 23/12/1918, aged 22.

Skipper, Andrew SUMMER, from Denmark, who lived at 12 Division Road and sank with the ‘Mauritius’ on the 17/5/1915. 

Seaman, A SIGHVATSON was lost on the ‘Calypso’ on the 11/7/1916. Grimur SIGMUNDSEN, died on the ‘Tummell’ on 24/2/1916. Both were from Iceland, and lived in Hull.

Gustav SUNDVAL, was a Finnish salior lost on the Steam ship’ North Wales’, on 24/10/1916. His son Tatve, also died in the war in 1917.

Seaman, Grimur Sigmundson, from Iceland, sank with the Steamship ‘Tummell’, on 24th February 1916, aged 22, (His brother Bergestein also died at sea in the Second World War). 

Firemen, Aubee Samuel GARNERBill SANDY, and Ben CAFFREY, all from Sierra Leone; J. BROWN, from Lagos; Patrick CAROLAN, from Drogheda, Ireland: and Thomas SMITH, from the United States, were all lost on the Hull Ship, ‘Hildalgo’, when it was sunk by submarine on 28/8/1917. 

Steward, C. McLeod, from Jamaica, was lost on the ‘Adriatic’ on 31/10/1916, aged 22. Fellow Jamician, Fireman, H. Edwards, sank with the ‘Zara’ on 13/4/1917, aged 44. Fieman, T Suto, lost on the’Umba’, on the 30/4/1918 came from Japan.  

Lucien Schurter from Switzerland, was lost on the ‘Montebello’ in 1918, aged 29.

Nicholas Souza, from Portugal, lived at 39 St Andrews Street, Hull. He sank with the ‘Stan Hope’ ship in 1917.

Charles Omberg, one of many Swedes, serving on Hull ships, and lost on the ‘Memberland’ on the 15th February, 1915. His wife was from Hull and he lived at 7 Alexandra Terrace, Buckingham Street. 

Irishmen, Patrick Molloy, drowned on the, ‘Romeo’ on 3rd March 1918. The cargo ship, was sunk at 2.40am, without warning, off the coast of Ireland, with the loss of 29 crew, including the Master. 



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