St Julian Battle, April 1915 -the 1/4th East Yorkshire defend the Ypres Canal

The 4th Battalion of the East Yorkshire Regiment (T.F.) was raised in 1858 and was known for many years as the “Hull Rifles” and later as the “Fighting Fourth” After having various titles, as the volunteer system of the home defence developed, it became the Territorial Force in 1908, based at Londesborough Barracks, Hull. Under this … Read more

The Great War 1914- 18

The Great War 1914- 18 The “Great War”, (or the First World War as it would be later known), was one of the most destructive wars in world history. It was a war like no other, where the British, French, Russian, German, Austria Hungarian and Ottoman Empires merged into two opposing forces. Centred in Europe, the Great … Read more

World War 1

The Beginning of the War for Britain Britain in 1914 Britain at the start of World War One, was a much different place than today. Britain in 1914 ruled the largest empire in history, through industrial might, commercial prowess and maritime supremacy. Britain through its colonies, dominions, protectorates and mandates, controlled about a quarter of … Read more